Alexandra Trusova: “What is the strangest thing I was asked to leave an autograph on? Passport.”

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Alexandra Trusova answered questions from fans on social networks.

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What emotions do you feel before and after performing the throws at the show?

Alexandra Trusova: Any element is exciting. I really like learning new things. Probably, I feel excitement and joy, if the element worked out well.

Who does all these chic make-ups at the competitions?

Alexandra Trusova: I do it myself for all competitions.

What do you feel when you drive a car?

Alexandra Trusova: I love driving! I can’t describe what I feel. It’s just really cool!

How do skaters understand how many rotations they have made in a jump? It all happens very quickly, how do you count?

Alexandra Trusova: Of course we don’t. During the jump, we feel when it is necessary to open up and land.

Do you close your eyes during the jump or not?

Alexandra Trusova: I don’t close my eyes. Some skaters close.

Cantilever or hydroblade?

Alexandra Trusova: Definitely a cantilever.

Mac or Burger King?

Alexandra Trusova: I don’t like fast food.

Favorite manicure length?

Alexandra Trusova: Very long nails.

What is the strangest thing you were asked to leave an autograph on?

Alexandra Trusova: On the passport.


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