Alexandra Trusova: “Sometimes you could say to Tutberidze, “Shall we clean up?” That meant we would just jump according to the task the whole day and then skate the short program.”

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Alexandra Trusova shared some amusing anecdotes from their life.

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source: Sport24 dd. 18th May 2023

Alexandra Trusova, Mark Kondratiuk, and Artur Danielian were guests on the new episode of the show “There’s a Story” on the Sport24 channel “Figurka.” In the program, well-known figure skaters share amusing anecdotes from their lives that they wouldn’t typically share in regular interviews.

In this text, we are publishing interesting stories from Olympic silver medalist Alexandra Trusova.

They didn’t let me on the plane twice

Alexandra Trusova: One of our trips to Dubai turned out to be quite interesting. We were flying with our family for a vacation, went to check-in, handed over our passports. They took quite a long time to check something, and then they said, “You’re not flying, there are no seats on the plane.” We asked, “How, why?” (Laughs) I mean, the tickets were already purchased and paid for, as usual, and they tell us, well, there are no free seats on the plane.

What to do next?

“We will issue new tickets for a flight that is slightly later. It’s our problem, and we will give you business class tickets for everyone,” the airline says.

Okay. They immediately issued us boarding passes for the next flight. We didn’t have to go through check-in again. We waited for the second flight, wandered around somewhere for a while, approached to board the plane, handed over our boarding passes—when they usually tear boarding passes and you enter the plane… We all approached with our passports, boarding passes, next the “tube” (jet bridge. -Ed.) and the plane —that’s it, nothing more. We hand them over… And they tell us again, “There are no seats on the plane.” (Laughs)

So, it turns out we went through all the procedures, they led us back through some detours because you can hardly exit from there: we’ve already crossed the border. They took us out from there and said, “Well, there’s no more flight today, you’ll fly tomorrow.” They arranged a hotel for us, we spent the night, we were very surprised by such an outcome. But the next day—yes, we flew, also in business class, everything was fine, but it took three tries (laughs).

Prizes and unusual toy

Alexandra Trusova: Since childhood, my dad used to give me money for victories and medals, so I saved up for what I wanted. When I was very young, we were in Egypt, and there were many shops with toy camels. I asked for one that sings. My dad said we already had one. To which I replied, “Mine doesn’t sing anymore.”

At an amusement park

Alexandra Trusova: I think it was the second time we were vacationing in America. We were in Orlando because there are many amusement parks there. We went to one that we hadn’t been to before. It was small and probably old. Eventually, it started pouring rain, and the only five people who stayed were our family. All the workers were shocked—they didn’t close the park, and we didn’t leave.

Tutberidze and “Let’s Clean Up”

Alexandra Trusova: Eteri Georgievna always had free program in the evenings and short programs in the mornings. Sometimes you could approach her and say, “Shall we clean up?” That meant we would just jump according to the task. If we managed to persuade her, then our whole day would be filled with jumps, and at the end, we would do six minutes and the short program. One day, all of us got the third or second level of spins according to Eteri Georgievna’s spreadsheet. The next day, she told us that if everyone didn’t reach the fourth level, we would have to do another free skate instead of the short program.

Three performances of the same program

Alexandra Trusova: I was 13 years old, and I was skating to “Big Spender.” My jump combination was in the second half, after two spins and a step sequence. I performed it first time, and it seemed good. At that time, there was Daniil Markovich on the ice, and he said that the step sequence was not at its full potential and needed to be skated again. Being 13, I thought, “Okay, no peroble, I’ll skate it again.” I did the maximum on the step sequence, but the jump combination turned out slightly worse. In the end, I had to perform it for the third time to ensure that both the step sequence and the jump sequence were good.


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