Alexandra Trusova: “Probably, I can’t perform after the Olympics yet. It’s very difficult for me to move away and start performing again. So I want to wait a little.”

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Alexandra Trusova about not participation in the Channel One Cup, training new jumps and plans for the future.

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Alexandra Trusova: Probably, I can’t perform after the Olympics yet. It’s very difficult for me, probably, to move away and start performing again. So I want to wait a little.

Now I’m training different [jumps] to do 4-4 combinations or at least 3-4. I also tried quitntuple jump, but I don’t like to talk about it in advance, because it’s still far from a fully rotated clean jump. So far it was like “Let’s try it. Just by myself. And I don’t train it much.


About the jumping content at the Olympics

Alexandra Trusova: The atmosphere at the Olympics is different from all other competitions. Absolutely different feelings, I don’t know how to answer this question, everything is different. The atmosphere is good, everyone is very supportive.

Of course, I made the decision about five quads, even before the free program I was offered to remove the salchow and do four quads. But no one really argued with me. Because it’s useless? Yes, everyone knows. I was going to this, I wanted to do it at the Olympics, I was preparing for this.

Did Tutberidze supported the decision to jump triple axel in the short program?

Alexandra Trusova: Neither for nor against, they did not say anything, no one said anything about it.

After the free program, you reacted very emotionally to the result. Would you have the same reaction now?

Alexandra Trusova: Yes.

If you had the opportunity to re-skate the programs at the Olympics, would you change something?

Alexandra Trusova: I would have done the same.


Answering the question what kinds of sports she would like to do, except for figure skating, Trusova also said that she would like to try herself at athletics – in high jump, long jump or pole vault.

Alexandra Trusova: I probably would like to try. Probably high jump, or the long jump, or the pole vault. Where you need just to jump. And I like to watch rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming, but I don’t want to try it.


About plans for the future

Alexandra Trusova: In any case, this future will be somehow connected with figure skating. First, shows, then, maybe, I’ll try to coach. So far, I haven’t decided yet.

As Trusova explained, she graduated from high school last year, but did not enter the university. “Probably, I will apply to study to be a coach, and then we’ll see,” she said, specifying that she is considering the Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sports, Youth and Tourism (RGUFK) for admission.

Answering the question about the main motivation after the Olympics, Trusova said: “Probably, support from relatives, fans. They write to me a lot, say a lot, and I try for them.”



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