Alexandra Trusova: “Only two people in the world jump five quads, two men. Of course, I will try to do more”

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Interview with Alexandra Trusova about quads and Olympics.

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Alexandra Trusova: When I first came, I didn’t know what to do. Over time, I realized that I want to improve, I want to do what no one else does. Therefore, I learned quads, tried to improve, put more and more of them. I try to set records and, of course, win competitions.

Quite recently were those legendary test skates in Chelyabinsk, where you jumped five quadruple jumps in a free program. Tell us how did you come to this performance and why this day everything finally worked out?

Alexandra Trusova: For the third season I have been trying to do five quads in the program. Last season and the year before last, I performed with five quads only at one competitions.

This year, I decided to jump five quads from the very beginning and always skate with such a content. So almost immediately after the vacation I started jumping quads in order to prepare in time. And I hope this was not the only time when I was able to do five quads, I hope that I will succeed at other competitions.

Figure skating is traditionally male and female sport, but at the same time you came and started jumping quadruples, which was not typical for girls before you. It turns out that you also broke stereotypes.

Have you had to deserve your right to do what you want on the ice, to jump quadruples? In my opinion, after one of the recent performances, someone commented on your skating and said that you can compete with the boys. To which you said that you can also compete in pairs, that you can do anything.

Alexandra Trusova: Of course, they thought I’m crazy because I decided to jump quadruples and a lot of quads. Because only two people in the world jump five quads, two men. Of course, I will try to do more of them, it’s my desire.

Of course, we still can’t jump in the short program. In the free program, you can have any quadruple you want, but in the short program – only a triple axel. So I hope that someday this rule will be changed.

This year is very difficult, the Olympic season, everyone must show their maximum. But I always had the feeling that you were not competing with other athletes, but with yourself. Tell us, what goals do you set for yourself now and what are you ready to go for in order to achieve them?

Alexandra Trusova: Of course, I always compete with myself, I always try to do my own thing, then the judges will decide where to place whom. I have a lot of goals. I would like to qualify for the Olympics. I will try, of course, to jump five quads in competitions and an axel in the short program, always try to do it clean.

Have you ever thought what will happen after the Beijing Olympics? Here you wake up the day after the competition – and what?

Alexandra Trusova: Firstly, I haven’t qualified there yet. Secondly, I haven’t thought yet, all my thoughts are aimed only at being selected for the Olympics, to get there.


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