Alexandra Trusova: “Olympics have changed the attitude to falls and unsuccessful jumps.”

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Alexandra Trusova commented on her performance at the Russian Grand Prix in Samara, where she came second. She also commented on the incident happened after her performance when a man ran out on the ice to give her flowers.

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Alexandra Trusova: I tried my best. It was better than in Sochi. I am very pleased with such support at this competitions, the audience was very supportive even during the warm-up, I am very pleased.

Thanks a lot to the fans. I would like not to comment more.

Previously, you were very worried about your falls, unsuccessful jumps. Now you go out with a smile, enjoy life, enjoy your performance. What influenced the change of attitude?

Alexandra Trusova: Olympics

About the fan who ran out on the ice to give her flowers

Alexandra Trusova: Yes, I was surprised when a men with a bouquet appeared on the ice. I don’t know why he came out.

Did he scared me? He would just fall. It’s not very comfortable on the ice without skates.


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3 Responses to “Alexandra Trusova: “Olympics have changed the attitude to falls and unsuccessful jumps.””

  1. Jana says:

    How to tell a pioneer? They’re laying on the ground, back full of arrows. Or, in Sasha’s case, spinning tall, back full of arrows. If only she could compete on equal terms (such as men do), she’d have x times more golds. Yet, every silver or bronze of hers is worth platinum. She’s the one who will be remembered in 100 years. A true icon / inspiration.

  2. SkatingFanCa says:

    Maybe Olympics taught her a lesson: Before that, she treated figure skating as her life; After that, her job.

  3. No war says:

    Good to see Sasha enjoying the competitions. She seems happy now.

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