Alexandra Trusova: “It seems to me that my mother lived the entire Olympics according to Beijing time. I think she almost didn’t sleep, she was very worried about me.”

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Interview with Alexandra Trusova about the Olympics.

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source: MFK Magazine 29/2022

Sasha, now it’s your turn to finish the phrase: “The Olympics is …”

Alexandra Trusova: A unique segment of my life. This time cannot be compared with anything! Throughout my sports career, I dreamed about this event and prepared hard for it. The last month before the Olympics is a month with colossal tension and uncertainty that can’t be compared with anything. We were preparing for the Olympics in Krasnoyarsk and every day we were tested for coronavirus, which also added nervousness.

Did the Olympics turn out to be what you imagined it to be?

Alexandra Trusova: Reality and dreams are very different. All my life I dreamed that my whole family could cheer for me at the Olympic arena. But in reality, everything turned out somehow imperfect.

What about the rest? Did you manage to feel the atmosphere of the Games? Still you spent all the time, mainly on the skating rink and in the Olympic Village.

Alexandra Trusova: Yes, so it was. Conditions in the Olympic village were good. The girls and I lived in an apartment where there were three rooms with separate bathrooms and a common living room. We had beds with remote control, but I never used it. We got up very early, because training started early, and before training it was necessary to be tested for coronavirus, then we went to breakfast. From food I remember peach ice cream and peach drink. It was very tasty. The entire period while we were in Beijing, our training on the ice lasted 35-40 minutes. First once a day, then twice a day. Therefore, as a rule, I started training immediately with jumps in order to have time to work on them. After the ice there was an opportunity to work in a hall. In the afternoon I always slept, because I got up very early. Then the second workout…

Next to the Olympic village there was a shopping center where various souvenirs were sold. The symbol of the Olympics panda Bing Dun-Dun was in special demand. They were sold strictly one pcs in one hand. The sellers recognized me, were very happy and asked to take a picture together. Of course, I agreed, for this I was allowed to buy three pandas! Although it was not easy to pass through the checkout.

Everyone says that the Olympics is like no other competitions. Was there more worries before the start than usual?

Alexandra Trusova: It’s amazing, but I didn’t worry at all before the short program. Usually I get very nervius, but not at the Olympics. I was a little nervous before the free program, because it is more difficult. I wanted to do everything planned.

Usually, your mother always accompanies you at competitions, but here for the first time you had to be alone, and even for quite a long time. How often did you manage to communicate with your family?

Alexandra Trusova: It seems to me that my mother lived the entire Olympics according to Beijing time. I wake up, go to breakfast, and she calls me or texts me. Asks how I’m doing, what am I doing? We often communicated by video call. I think that she almost did not sleep, because she was very worried about me.

The most vivid impressions from the Olympic Games that will stay with you forever?

Alexandra Trusova: They were more like moments. A moment after a successful free skate. Also ovations and the audience at the gala performances … I was very warmly welcomed by the audience, it was very pleasant. In general, I was well received everywhere there, the Chinese are very friendly and welcoming.

How did you spend your free time?

Alexandra Trusova: I read books. Called up with family and friends. With the guys from the national team, we walked around the Olympic village, went shopping. We tried to support each other. Cheered for our skaters. But unfortunately, I didn’t manage to watch other sports.

Sasha, what fills your life now?

Alexandra Trusova: I continue to train, I went to my hometown, held there the first master class in my life for skaters of the Ryazan sports schools.

And what are the feelings?

Alexandra Trusova: I really liked it. There were about 20 young skaters with me on the ice. I showed the guys how to perform various elements, suggested how to correct mistakes, and after the end of the training, I gave each participant a soft toy – a plush Dalmatian from the movie Cruella, the music of my Olympic free program.

It is interesting that at the press conference after the master class
The kids asked me questions. They asked about everything, even how I got my first dog. I tried to answer everything. I really like to communicate with children, apparently because in our family I am the older sister.

The sports season is over. Surely there are some other life plans.

Alexandra Trusova: Given what is happening in the world right now, this is a very difficult question. I can only talk about the most immediate plans. I’m getting ready to perform in shows which will be held in different cities of Russia. Then I hope for a well-deserved vacation. I haven’t drown up any conclusions for myself yet, but I will definitely well do that!


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