Alexandra Trusova: “I’m very nervous at the competitions lately”

Posted on 2021-03-24 • 1 comment


Alexandra Trusova about her performance in she short program at the World Championships. Where she currently takes 12th place.


source: dd. 24th March 2021

Alexandra Trusova: Today the triple axel did not work out during the morning training session, so we decided to do a double. I think that today I have not coped with the excitement, I’m very nervous at the competitions lately. I don’t know what are the reasons. I can’t say anything about my quads in the free program – you will see everything during the performance.


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One response to “Alexandra Trusova: “I’m very nervous at the competitions lately””

  1. Polly says:

    God help her survive bulling! Guys, it is MASSIVE here in Russia! Can’t imagine her feelings now. At her place I would be scared to death to face those russian journalsts and online “fans”. Lord… they will crucify her…

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