Alexandra Trusova: “If I ever have a daughter, she most likely will not be a figure skater.”

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Alexandra Trusova answering questions at the VK Fest, admitted that she had never seriously thought about ending her career, talked about her idols in sports, and also talked about the goal of breaking her record of quad jumps in one program.

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Alexandra Trusova: Have I ever had a desire to leave the sport? Everyone knows the answer to this question (with a grin). There was a moment of weakness at the Olympics. But I have never considered it seriously. I am now preparing for the season, living in the present. We have recently finished the training camp in Novogorsk.

The programs for the new season have already been choreographed, I’m skating them now. But I never announce programs beforehand.

Sometimes I watch competitions in which I do not participate. And those in which I participate – no. Well, I watch Mark’s [Kondratyuk] performances. My idols in figure skating are Nathan Chen, Yuzuru Hanyu, Alena Savchenko, Zhenya Medvedeva. I have always admired them.

I always knew that I would achieve my goal – I would perform five quads. The first axel – single – I jumped at the age of six. I’m confident in myself. I haven’t thought about breaking my own record yet. At home, the brothers sometimes make fun and start calling me the way they usually announce me: Russian rocket. I know that I am not the first to have this nickname in Russian sports. The first was Pavel Bure. It’s a decent succession.

Before the Olympic season, I was preparing for the test skates from the end of May. Even then I tried all the jumps. At the Olympics itself, I was the least worried. All my life I was telling myself not to worry. And when I went on the ice, I wasn’t nervous at all. It is amazing! I really enjoyed my skating.

If I ever have a daughter, she most likely will not be a figure skater.

Will I get more dogs? Lanochka gave birth to four puppies. I have six now. While it’s hard. They are all different, I keep them in different rooms.

Favorite movie – “Cruella”, I have watched four times. Favorite book is Murder on the Orient Express. My favorite dish is dumplings, I also love cheesecakes (especially my mother’s) and panna cotta dessert.


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  1. jimmbboe says:

    Loving her taste in foods!!

  2. A says:

    Why do they train in training camp in Novogorsk? Is it a camp for preparing new programms exclusively?

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