Alexandra Trusova: “I performed well at the Russian Nationals, did everything I can at the moment.”

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Alexandra Trusova about her performance and bronze medal at the Russian Nationals 2021.

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Alexandra Trusova: Now I can breathe out and think that the New Year is finally coming soon.

We worked very hard. Of course, after a bad performance at competitions it is harder to go and try to do everything anew. Today I’m satisfied. For the first time during this time, I did two clean programs.

After the Grand Prix, I didn’t skate for several days, didn’t jump, then I started to jump only triples and gradually moved to quads. And when I tried, I realized that I can jump only lutz, all the others – not yet. And then we worked on the program with such a content.

I think that I performed well at this competitions, did everything I can at the moment. I don’t want to talk about the injury that I have. It also bothered me at the Grand Prix when I performed. Then I did not let to remove anything from the program, as I was offered. But here I listened to everyone and made the content the way it should be – normal. We’ll see what will happen next. But there was no other choice at this championships.



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3 Responses to “Alexandra Trusova: “I performed well at the Russian Nationals, did everything I can at the moment.””

  1. ioanykie says:

    Imo she did really well at nationals! Clean programs, two RIPPON quad lutzes, not to mention that her artistry was really muuuuuch better than anything I’ve seen from her.
    Good luck Sasha !

  2. Andreea says:

    Tbh I love Sasha so much and I really think she has been revolutionary to the sport. However, I don’t see (even though I really hope) her getting a (gold) medal in Beijing. She reminds me of Mao Asada a little… I really enjoyed. Funny thing, if she were 3 years a younger (kamila’s age) and debuted now, I doubt she would have had much competition technically in Olympics.. Now. In 3-5 years, everyone interested had time to adapt.

    About Beijing, I think Anna and Kamila are the new Alina – Evgenia pair. (Kamila – Alina, and she will have a short competitive career if she wins OG, mark my words and Ana, who certainly has a passion for the sport, but the technique… ouch) The 3rd spot is a battle between Rika Kihira, Young You (if she jumps that quad) and whoever is the 3rd Russian lady going to Olympics.(provided everyone skates clean) Not sure how Alysa Liu is doing right now…

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