Alexandra Trusova: “I haven’t won for three years. I thought that if I jumped everything, I would win, but this did not happen.”

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Alexandra Trusova on her performance in the free program at the Olympic Games and silver medal.

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Alexandra Trusova: I did five quads. You saw the result and you know everything yourself. I am unhappy, but I am glad that I jumped five quads.

Words that I will not go on the ice are these only emotions? Take a look…

Today I said, of course, on emotions. About the World Championships – I’ll think about it and decide what to do.

Has the attitude towards Eteri Georgievna changed? No, it hasn’t changed for anyone. It’s not my fault the cameras are following me. I asked to be allowed to leave.

I am satisfied with my skating, I am satisfied with my performances. Both in the short and in the free program, I did everything I could at the moment. I did everything I could.

Why am I crying? Just. I have been here for 3 weeks without my mother, without dogs. That’s why I’m crying.

What was going on in my soul when I said that I hate sports? I haven’t won for three years. I thought that if I jumped everything, I would win, but this did not happen.

Am I like Nathan Chen? Well, I always wanted to be like him in doing a lot of difficult jumps. That’s probably why I’m almost like Nathan Chen today.

After the short program, I was offered to remove the salchow and skate with four quads. I said no, I will jump five. I’m very glad it worked out.

I set myself to jump it here and I am very glad that I managed to do five quads at the Olympics.

Do you have any questions about me? I won’t comment on Kamila.


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6 Responses to “Alexandra Trusova: “I haven’t won for three years. I thought that if I jumped everything, I would win, but this did not happen.””

  1. axel says:

    no pcs: no gold medals

  2. iveta says:

    sasa ist best

  3. Dani says:

    Ok quad jumps but she needs pcs. Skating from one side of the rink to the other preparing jumps with eternal preparation is training not a program to watch.

  4. Ryan Minton says:

    Her behavior was bad sportsmanship and she behaved like a spoiled child. Instead of being proud of her success and the gold medal win success of her teammate, she behaved like a spoiled baby who didn’t get her way. Imagine how the gold medal winner feels. If this is her attitude then she doesn’t belong on the ice.

  5. Anna says:

    She is so young and under so much pressure.. But I understand her emotions , she was holding them inside for too long .. it’s like , she realised that her maximum wasn’t enough to win but not understanding that Ana was over scored as usual and that maybe the music and program should be better .. she shouldn’t have tried triple axel .. ok in trainings but if it is not stable , not in competitions .. however, even if she had triple axel , they would score Ana higher ..I believe that she will get out of this mentality stronger

  6. Daniel says:

    Poor girl, whole world saw her breakdown thats very sad. I wish someone to comfort her. Today she jumps five quads, she becaming stronger and stronger i believe that her “always second period” is coming to an end. She will get her gold medal soon.

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