Alexandra Trusova: “I decided that I had to return, after all, I’m more used to performing and training with Eteri Tutberidze”

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Alexandra Trusova about her come back to Tutberidze, test skates, red hair and new programs.

photo by FFKKR

About returning to Eteri Tutberidze

Alexandra Trusova: I decided that I had to return, after all, I’m more used to performing and training with Eteri Georgievna. I decided it would be better this way. I always decide for myself.

We talked with Eteri Georgievna, I came to training, and everything was the same as before. We parted with Evgeny Viktorovich well, he seemed to react normally.

After the World Сhampionships, I thought about how the next season would go, in the end I decided that it was better this way. The World Championship was a failure – in training I skated clean, but it turned out like this.


About skating the short program at the Russian test skates

Alexandra Trusova: Probably I have matured. I try to add in artistry, to convey the artistic image of the program. I always really want to show the axel at competitions.

I almost never make mistakes in training. So I started jumping it early enough after the vacation.

source: Channel One, text version

About the short program to Frida OST

Alexandra Trusova: I dyed my hear, I wanted red hair. I always wanted to be red, my brother is red from birth and the dogs are all red. So I dyed my hear to match them. Today I brought one dog with me – her name is Cruella or Ella for short.

A program to “Frida”? I have such for the first time. I watched the movie and, of course, try to convey emotions. This year I try to pass the emotions through myself. I believe that figure skating is first and foremost a sport, and then an art.

What will happen tomorrow? I never say how many quadruples I will jump. But, as I understand it, everyone posted my workouts and they already can guess.

To do a lot of quads in competitions, you need to do a lot in training. The more I do in training, the more I will do in competitions. And when have already learn everything I get too bored. Nothing to do, so I jump till the end.

source: Channel One, text version


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