Alexandra Trusova: I couldn’t cope with the excitement at those competitions where I failed jumps

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Interview with Alexandra Trusova. First live interview after transfer to Plushenko’s academy, but no questions about that. (Partly translated)

Alexandra and other athletes are now in Kislovodsk at the training camp.

video of the interview: Maria Komandnaya Intagram
text version by Vaycheslav Sambor for

Have there been some workouts?

Alexandra: No, we just got coronavirus tests. We are waiting for the results, and then will be allowed to go on the ice.

What did you do on self-isolation? What interesting read or watch?

Alexandra: All self-isolation we spent in a country house, I have a big family. We were not bored, I got another dog – now I have three dogs and a cat. I read all sorts of books, studied, prepared for the exams, which didn’t take place. I am also learning English.

How did you train during self-isolation?

Alexandra: Two workouts a day. In the morning I usually ran, crunch, do exercises for the back – a little bit of everything. In the evening, I jump on the floor. I trained an hour in the morning and, probably, two hours in the evening.

Do you think you managed to maintain shape during this time?

Alexandra: I think no. It’s very hard without ice. Even if you spend as many hours of training, you still lose the feeling of ice. It’s not possible to jump and skate as it was before.

Are you nervous before going back on the ice?

Alexandra: No, I like to restore jumps. I like everything we do. And be that as it may.

During isolation, any of us tried to find some advantages. Did you find?

Alexandra: I spent a lot of time with my family, with brothers, with dogs. We did everything that could not be done in the season. We watched movies together, walked, played with dogs.

I’ve been studying and reading books recently, now Mishin’s book. I like it so far.

Now you are on the verge of something new. Have you analyzed last season? What conclusion did you make?

Alexandra: Last season I jumped both three quads, and four – it is very important to me. I try to put more and more quads every year. It didn’t work out with five, btu I hope I’ll do it next season. I believe that I could not cope with the excitement at those competitions where I failed jumps.

What components do you plan to work on most? How do you see yourself in the new season?

Alexandra: We will work a lot on skating skills, spins, artistry. Of course, we will not forget about the technique. I want to skate much better and cleaner than last season.

What motivates you to develop, not to stop there?

Alexandra: I believe that I have achieved very little. I want more – win all the competition and get all quads.

How’s your quad loop doing?

Alexandra: Since there was self-isolation, I did not skate, so I hadn’t tried it yet. I hope to try it. Triple axel, of course, will be. If I learn loop, then I’ll put it into the program.

Do you already know which specialists you will work with daily?

Alexandra: I don’t know yet. Evgeny Viktorovich (Plushenko) will make the decision. We will see.

He said that you will choose programs yourself. What images would you like to try?

Alexandra: Totally different. I want a slow program, but I still don’t know for sure, we have many options. I won’t reveal the secret, it’s too early. Of course, we will choose together.

Will you also work on the development of artistic talent? And how?

Alexandra: We will work with different specialists to be much better in technique, artistry, skating skills, spins. Well, try to.

Who do you consider to be your best friend?

Alexandra: Mom, probably.

Which quadruple jump is your favorite?

Alexandra: Toeloop.

Which image of your programs is your favorite?

Alexandra: I really liked Big Spender and Daenerys.

What competitions performance was the most memorable?

Alexandra: In general, the first junior worlds.

I remember how we prepared for a very long time. All coaches, except Sergei Rozanov were at the Olympics.

We were preparing two quadruples for the worlds. Before the worlds, we had the Russian Cup Final, there I tried two quads for the first time. I did salchow and fell very scary from the toe loop. At least everyone was scared, but it didn’t hurt. I did them at Worlds.

The junior worlds was very remembered because it took a long time to prepare for it and I did everything there – at the right time. Focused and did. And right after the free program I got sick.

And if you recall the last year, then what was the most important competition? Which one was the most memorable?

Alexandra: I remember Japan Open, where I jumped four quadruples. Worlds should have become the main competition, but so it was Europe.

Did you upset very much when the Worlds was canceled?

Alexandra: At first I could not believe that something would force to cancel the competition. Then I was upset, because I was ready for it: in the short program I was going to jump the axel, and in the free program I got five quadruples.

And then I thought: Worlds are held every year, that’s okay. I think it was the right things to cancel it, health is more important.

What qualities do you value in people?

Alexandra: Probably determination and patience.

Do you consider yourself a patient person?

Alexandra: I think not. I always need everything and at once.

How much do you weigh?

Alexandra: I’ll never talk about weight anywhere. Any girl or woman, it seems to me, if you ask – no one will say.

And height? Grew up lately?

Alexandra: I definitely grew during this season, at the end of the season it was 157cm. Now, probably, a little more.

Could you imagine yourself in another sport?

Alexandra: I can’t imagine. But I want to try. For some reason I really want to try to pole vault, but I think that I will not succeed. It is interesting what they feel at the moment of the jump.

And what do you feel during your jump? Do you have time to think something?

Alexandra: Hardly. I think before the jump, that I need to do to jump correctly. In the air, I can fix a little or understand what needs to be done to save the jump if I did something wrong.

What is your favorite combination?

Alexandra: Probably, toeloop-half loop-salchow.

What is your dream?

Alexandra: To win the Olympic Games.


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