Alexandra Trusova: “I continue my career, but I live for today, I don’t have a specific goal of definitely winning something.”

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Alexandra Trusova about the quad axel, willingness to take risks in programs and motivation to continue skating despite the suspension of Russian athletes.

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Alexandra Trusova: I’m always ready to take risks. Olympic season, pre-Olympic, any … I can take risks.

How is your mood, going into the new season?

Alexandra Trusova: I always go into the new season with a good mood. I will skate for the fans. I have a lot of support, I will try to please them.

Sports tasks for the season?

Alexandra Trusova: No, there are no sports tasks.

It will be an unusual season – Channel One has prepared an unusual program, with a jumping competition, Grand Prix and so on. What is the most interesting for you?

Alexandra Trusova: I saw a new show program competition there. I wonder how it will go. But all competitions are interesting to me.

Ilia Malinin has recently landed a quadruple axel. Is it really possible to repeat this?

Alexandra Trusova: For me? I will never jump a quadruple axel, I would be happy to jump triple. But in the future, I think that girls will jump both quad and quintuple Axel. When? No one knows. So far, only one man performs this jump. But before, we didn’t know wither when we would jump quads.

Is there at least one sport that Alexandra Trusova is not ready to do?

Alexandra Trusova: I’m not ready to try diving. It’s unreal scary! I tried from three meters and from five meters just to jump like a “soldier”. From three it was scary, but from five – very scary. I realized that I do not like free fall in a situation where you are not in control of the process.

About motivation to continue skating

Alexandra Trusova: Even if there was no isolation, I have no other reason – I want to skate for people. It’s a shame that this happened. But it’s even worse for those who were just going to participate in international competitions. We still managed to do a lot in sports, we competed at all competitions, including the Olympic Games. Therefore, I continue my career, but I live for today, I don’t try to look far ahead. And now I don’t have a specific goal – definitely go somewhere and win something. I will skate for the fans, for myself.


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