Alexandra Trusova: “I believe that first place is winning, and everything else is a consolation prize. So that the second and third places don’t feel bad, they also get medals.”

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Translation of Alexandra Trusova’s comments about 2022 Olympics.

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Here’s translation of Alexandra Trusova’s comments regarding 2022 Olympics made for Okko Sports.

Alexandra Trusova expressed her thoughts on her non-participation in the team event at the 2022 Olympics.

Trusova mentioned, “I honestly didn’t know about all of this. I think everyone would like to participate in the team event. Being on the Olympic ice gives you a special feeling. So, the more, the better.”

“No one specifically discussed it with me. We already knew about it there,” she added.

“So, you were told on the spot that Kamila was participating?” the interviewer asked.

Trusova responded, “It wasn’t even really said. It was a matter of fact. They announced ‘Kamila’ for the short program, and it was Kamila. For the free skate, they displayed ‘Kamila’.”

She also mentioned that on the day of the team event’s free skate, she performed her free skate with five clean quadruple jumps.

Alexandra Trusova explained why she has no regrets about performing 5 quadruple jumps at the 2022 Olympics.

The interviewer asked, “Do you have any regrets about performing 5 quadruple jumps at the Olympics? Maybe, if you had another content, it would have been easier?”

Trusova responded, “I absolutely have no regrets. After I fell on the axel in the short program, I was also suggested to remove the salchows in the free skate. To which I said, of course not. Firstly, I believed that it was the only chance to win – to perform 5 quads. For me, it looked like this: I had to perform 5 no matter what.”

“At the moment of my performance, when I completed the 4th and was approaching the 5th, I honestly thought about not doing it. But in the end, I decided that I would never forgive myself: to do 4 and not go for the 5th – it was almost impossible for me.”

The interviewer then asked, “What were your thoughts the night after being in 4th place in the short program?”

Trusova explained, “No thoughts at all. I often lost in the short program, once I was 12th, then 3rd. My position in the short program never bothered me. Yes, it’s good when you win, you have a cushion. It’s more reassuring. But you can always catch up; I always believed that the free skate was an opportunity to catch up. Moreover, I knew my content.”

“What was the bigger goal for you: the gold or landing five quads?”

Trusova responded, “I consider them as complementary. If I land five quads, I get the gold. If I don’t, I won’t. I don’t see them as two separate goals. That’s how I saw it, so I can’t say there were two goals.”

“You’ve been quoted as saying, ‘I believe that first place is winning, and everyone else is definitely a defeat.’ Is second place at the Olympics considered a loss for you?”

Trusova affirmed, “Yes. What can you say: I won silver? I won second place? It’s like when you throw darts at targets: there’s something you’ve won, and then there are consolation prizes. I believe that first place is winning, and everything else is a consolation prize. So that the second and third places don’t feel bad, they also get medals.”

“Can there be multiple winners? If there are several, then there should be multiple gold medals. And even that is debatable. There’s only one winner,” Trusova concluded.


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