Alexandra Trusova: I always wanted to jump, but they always stopped me.

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Alexandra Trusova about the reasons for parting with Eteri Tutberidze and switching to Evgeni Plushenko.

Match TV movie “Alexandra Trusova. Four revolutions”, text version by dd. 4th August, 2020

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Alexandra: It’s my initiative to do more rotations. I asked Eteri Georgievna, because she was the head coach. At first she said no. Then: we’ll see. Then: let’s try the triple axel.

But I didn’t succeed for some time, and we decided to try a quadruple jump first, then a triple axel.

I have never done my program and it was more hurtful than the third places. And I was upset.

At the Grand Prix Final, I insisted that there were both an axel and five quads. Not everything worked out. After that, at the Russian Nationals, they removed one quadruple and axel in the short program.

At first I was against it, but on the day of competitions I agreed, because it was a qualifying competition. I decided: I need to qualify and then add it again. But at the European Championships, the coaches again insisted on a clean skate with three quads. But … Still no.

I always wanted to jump, but they always stopped me. And it’s been not for the first year. I’ve always wanted more.

The final word is always mine. We discussed the transition with my parents, but I’m already adult enough to make decisions myself.


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