Alexandra Trusova: First senior season will become a new level in sports for me

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Interview with Alexandra Trusova and her dad. About upcoming season, quads and shows.

by Ekaterina Bespalova for dd 4th September, 2019

At the training camp in Novogorsk, as always, we seriously worked on all the components of figure skating: high-quality performance of technical elements, skating skills, presentation of the programs. Of course, there will be quads and complex combination. But I won’t say anything about the programs and content, soon you will see everything for yourself. Triple axel? I worked on it and continue to work.

What do you expect from the first senior season?

– It will become a new level in sports for me, because I will compete with the stars of figure skating, plus there are much more spectators in the stands. All this, of course, is exciting, but very interesting. I love that feeling.

How do you assess the last season for yourself, after all you became a two-time world champion?

– I’ll give myself a “B”, not everything worked out, although I really wanted to do three quadruple jumps in a free program. Before which competition I worried the most? Before the Junior Worlds, because I really wanted to prove my title.

Your little dog always goes to competition with you, even Eteri Tutberidze took a photo. Alina Zagitova’s Masaru also was a guest in Chrystalny ice rink. Is the coach not against your little animals at competitions and trainings?

– Tina usually stays with my mom during the performance. Eteri Georgievna loves animals, she also has a small dog, which she sometimes takes to the rink. So our team love dogs.

You amazed everyone by the video where you do a parallel cantilever with Shoma Uno …

– The idea was born in Japan at the Grand Prix Final 2017. Shoma and I did this at practice before gala. It’s just that both of us had it in the program, we decided to try it together. At a training session in Novogorsk we just repeated it.

In the summer, you participated in many Japanese ice shows and unusual TV shows, they gave you lots of presents. What was the most memorable?

– I can’t think of something one, I like to sort out presents, read letters. This is a special and long ritual. I have a collection of dolls and dogs in costumes from my programs. When you realize that a person did this specifically for you, it’s very nice. In Japan, it’s nice to perform in competitions and shows. They like figure skating very much.

Participation in shows and TV shows has become a new experience for me, and I got an opportunity to talk with famous skaters from around the world. In one of the TV-shows, I tried to run along the carpet wearing skates. It turned out even faster than on ice!

You even had a photo in social networks with the legendary Miki Ando.

– She attended all the shows and rehearsals, I just could not help but take a picture with her.

Alexandra’s dad told her life besides sports:

In one of the interviews, you said that you and your wife tried to accustom your children to be hardworking. Did you succeed?

– Sport accustoms a child to work, and therefore we engaged Sasha in figure skating, not because we had a goal to achieve success. Just so that she grows up a healthy and hardworking, this is the main purpose of mass sports.

How did it happen that Eteri Tutberidze took your daughter in her group?

– Eteri Georgievna is a world top coach, and many want to get into her group. We skated at the same rink, and we had an unclear situation with the previous coach Alexander Volkov, we had to part with him. We turned to the school’s management, met with Tutberidze, and she agreed to take Sasha to her group. There were no special difficulties; everyone knew Sasha at the rink.

Obviously, to achieve such results as Alexandra’s, serious training and severe discipline are necessary. But, as a parent, are you often strict with her at home?

– You probably should ask Sasha how strict am I with her. But we, like any parents, indulge her, and all interested people can be calm: our daughter had a great childhood and now an interesting youth begins. As for sports results, Sasha hasn’t achieved much yet, she has something to strive for, and this encourages her to continue working. Discipline is important, of course, but top athlete and any professional in his field must be able to discipline himself. This is what we, as parents, are trying to convey to Sasha. You should never stop, in life there will always be something to strive for.

You said that you don’t watch your daughter’s competitions live. But did you watch videos after?

– Yes, I watch all Sasha’s performances on video, but it’s difficult for me to highlight one. She performs 10-12 times per season. Only the most important competitions were remembered, and of course, the very first performance when she was 5 years old.

And what does Alexandra need on weekdays for a good rest?

– For physical recovery, first of all, you need an athlete to be healthy. At the level of the Russian national team and in Sambo-70, everything is good in this regard, a whole staff of doctors and masseurs work, who daily monitor the athlete’s condition. But you also need a psychological recovery, here you don’t need to focus only on sports, Sasha has fun with his brothers on weekends, studies on weekdays, this is a good distraction and gives an opportunity not to get into a psychological pit.

Do you read what fans write about your daughter?

– I don’t use social networks at all, but sometimes I come across some comments on some resources. Sasha leads her Instagram herself, but only posts something and tries not to read anything else, especially in the competitive period. She has already passed this moment, because, of course, this makes it very difficult to work properly.

How does Alexandra deals with failures, witch even she, with all the talent, faces sometimes?

– We support Sasha in any case, failures must be treated correctly. And I think that my daughter knows how do that, life cannot consist of victories alone. Defeat is always a good start for future success.


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