Alexandra Trusova: “Does it bother me that I’m not the first after the short program? No.”

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Alexandra Trusova and her coach Evgeni Plushenko commented on performance of the short program at the Russian Nationals 2021 where Alexandra placed 4th after Anna Shcherbakova, Kamila Valieva and Daria Usacheva.


Alexandra Trusova: In general, I am satisfied, I liked performing here, the audience is good.

Dress? I wanted to try the dress in a new color.

I wanted to skate clean today. For some reason, I can’t jump the triple axel now, so here it was a double. I will try to do my job well in the free program.

I’m happy with the performance, I will work. Hopefully next time I’ll get a higher scores.

The new dress is very comfortable, I really like it. You always want to look very beautiful before the competitions, but at competitions we think that it should be comfortable. And the rest is not so important.

Each program is very important, I try to skate both short and free program well. Does it bother me that I’m not the first after the short program? No.


Evgeni Plushenko: We must ask the judges what they saw there. Its her best performance of the season, it only remains to jump out of the dress. How it could get any better?

She hold all the spins, the edge on the flip is excellent, the lutz-toe loop is wonderful. It’s a serious improvement, in my opinion it was her best skating this season.

Is this how they judge? Okay, we’ll think further. Tomorrow is the day, we continue to work on.



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5 Responses to “Alexandra Trusova: “Does it bother me that I’m not the first after the short program? No.””

  1. dzihana says:

    To me Sacha was the best…. I do not understand the judges… The most innovative and different skating was of Aleksandra Trusova… Others were perfect and great, whereas Sasha was also uniques…

  2. Lilly says:

    Trusova was underscored that is obvious!! It’s seems the judges have their favorites! Very sad !

  3. SkatingFanCa says:

    This is just ridiculous and scandalous! Sasha was flawless and mesmerizingly beautiful but only placed 4th while Valieva fell and still got 2nd; and Usencheva shaky and skidded at times, 3rd. I can see by unfair judging and discouraging competition against Sambo 70, Russian figure skating starts to lose its dominant edge in ladies single – all the girls look so similar and perform such identical tricks that it is becoming predictable and boring to watch. Look at Japan’s Rika Kihira. She’s refreshing, powerful, exciting – in my opinion, way better!

  4. Carolina says:

    Sasha was underscored- this is for sure. It seems, that the winners are certain ahead – it doesn’t matter what Sasha will do ore not.

  5. Zuzkav says:

    Congratulations to Sasha for a wonderfully skated program and professionalism as they posted that terribly underscored mark! Shame on those judges and also shame on the coach evgeni for not being able to control his emotions. He could learn something from his skater. I can see the shaking of the head but to stick your thumbs down in front of her is such bad taste. He owes her an apology.

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