Alexandra Stepanova & Ivan Bukin started the season

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Seems that Russian ice dancers don’t like to participate in ISU B events or leave  Russian borders. Because I don’t know how else to explain why they don’t use a chance to try their new dances and get some feedback from international and more independent judges before main events.

Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin better than others should know that after the unpleasant level their tweezles received at first GP event of previous season. They wanted to participate in Finlandia Trophy but had to withdraw due to health issues. So, they decided to try out their dances at Russian local competition. Here’s the video of the short dance in competition environment:

Nice dance, but I can’t tell that I’m impressed. This waltz is the most not Russian among other duos. They tried to find the music for the short dance that suits them and will help to show their strengthes, but it’s not powerful and memorable. They also slower than other Russian pairs but more accurate in some moves. It can be good for the key-points, because they do the steps slower but more carefully. This twizzles is their signature but as for me they don’t look good in a waltz, especially for a girl. Suming the impression, I think this short dance won’t help them in fight for the spots to main events. The thing that can help is technical score (consistant and high) and of course mistakes of others.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of such bright neon color (they look good only on children), but Alexandra look pretty nice! I like the design of her dress, but maybe she should think of a different shade?

Their rivals for the spots in Russian team Victoria Sinitsina and Nikita Katsalapov have already made a huge impression at Skate America winning silver. You can read my thoughts about them here.

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