Alexandra Stepanova & Ivan Bukin started the season | free dance

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Recently Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin have participated at local competition in Russia, where get “amazing” scores – 71 for the short and 110 for the free dance. I’m shocked. I understand, that the competition is held in Russia… you can easily deduct at least 5 points….but still it’s a huge score. I knew the score before watching the dance, so my expectations were really high.

First of all I hate the dress. It looks old fashioned, it spoils the overall impression of the dance! You want to say that you’re the leading duo of your federation, that you have the best and modern dances but than choose a dress from the previous decade. Where is the logic? Alexandra is such a beauty! Why do you hide her with such dresses?

For me this dance seems a bit boring. At the Russian test skates it looked more promising. The concept of the dance is unclear, and it’s difficult to understand what this dance is about. Yes, I’ve read the interview where they said their dance is about a rock star and his muse….but I don’t see in the program. Too many unnecessary moves with no choreographical meaning. I also don’t like the first lift, they hurry and do not show properly the in-between positions. So, the marks are really surprising. The Russian duos get super high marks at local competitions, all of them, so it’s difficult to guess who is the bet for the season. Or, maybe they want international judges to decide who is the best? Risky stretegy, I think. 

See the short dance here



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