Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin try to change their artistic images

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A little update on Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin.

Comment from their coach Alexander Svinin:

We already have a full working process in Novogorsk. We try to make new artistic images for the guys, different from last season, in a different style.

This year we worked on latina with a very good team of ballroom dancers – coach Irina Shalygina and dancers Natalia Beloshapko and Vladislav Tolstikov. Very creative guys from the acrobatic rock’n’roll, with whom we worked last season, Konstantin Samoylov and Anastasia Gusarova work with Sasha and Vanya on lifts.

The short dance (rumba and samba) has already been done by Irina Zhuk. On the free program guys work with choreographer Peter Tchernyshev.

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