Alexandr Lakernik: “It would be unfair to choose the finalists based on the results of performances at the Junior Grand Prix only, so we will look for other options.”

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The Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKR) announced that Russian figure skaters will missed the first two stages of the Junior Grand Prix in in Courchevel, France.

The French government authorities issued a decree according to which the Russian Federation and a number of other countries were assigned to the “red” zone regarding the situation with the spread of coronavirus. In this regard, all citizens of the Russian Federation who come to France who have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus with an EU-approved vaccine are required to undergo a 10-day quarantine with verification of compliance by the competent French authorities. Citizens of countries from the “red” zone vaccinated with vaccines approved in the EU undergo a 7-day quarantine. Since none of the vaccines used in the Russian Federation has yet been approved in the EU, all Russian citizens are considered unvaccinated.

The Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKKR) also learned that entering France in transit through the country of the “green” zone (according to the documents of the French government authorities) without a 30-day stay in this country before entering France is not legal in these conditions. An attempt to enter France through a country of the “green” zone with the provision of inaccurate information about the duration of stay in this country may lead not only to a refusal to enter France for these competitions, but also to a possible ban on entry into the Schengen countries in the future.

Given the impossibility of participation of Russian figure skaters in the first and second stages of the ISU Junior Grand Prix series in these circumstances, the FFKKR applied the International Skating Union (ISU) with a proposal to redistribute the spots of Russian figure skaters from both stages in France and transfer them to other stages of the series in those countries where entry will be possible without restrictive quarantine measures. The FFKKR also asked to revise the criteria for qualifying to the ISU Junior Grand Prix Final this season.

The ISU Council, having considered the arguments presented by the FFKKR, agreed with these proposals. Currently, the FFKKR is agreeing with the ISU on the possibility of redistributing spots to other stages of the series.

source: dd. 10th August 2021

And a comment from Vice-President of the International Skating Union (ISU) Alexandr Lakernik.

Alexandr Lakernik: Let’s wait at least for the moment when the stages of the “Grand Prix” will pass. We have not discussed these issues yet. There is a certain understanding of how this will be arranged, but we have not yet decided anything in details. The ISU Council meeting will take place at the end of all stages of the Junior Grand Prix series. We understand that it would be unfair to choose the finalists only based on the results of performances at the Grand Prix, so we will look for other options.

President of the Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKKR) Alexander Gorshkov said that Russians forced to refuse to participate in the stages of the Junior Grand Prix series in Courchevel will perform at the stages in Slovenia and Krasnoyarsk.

source: dd. 10th August 2021, by Rustam Imamov


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