Alexander Zhulin: “When I skated Vivaldi program, it pleased me a lot that when gay people found out that I was straight they would say: ‘Really? But you… Your lines are so beautiful. They were genuinely disappointed.”

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Alexander Zhulin commented on the level of the reigning world champions Madison Chock and Evan Bates and shared his opinion on the development of ice dancing in Russia and other countries.

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Alexander Zhulin: I watched Chock and Bates at the World Championships for literally two minutes and saw that they were stronger than the other pairs. Stronger than the Canadians and Italians. But they are all already 48 years old, firstly.

Secondly, I have seen all of this so many times, and comparing them to Papadakis/Cizeron and Sinitsina/Katsalapov is not even a question. Because those were absolute top-level pairs, while these are just good pairs. They skate well, they’re talented. But for me, it’s not a top-level.

Chock and Bates are not top-level?

Alexander Zhulin: Well, it’s not super… Well, judge for yourself. Watch Papadakis and Cizeron, Sinitsina and Katsalapov. So, are Chock and Bates better?

I personally like Chock as a person, as a girl. I like her costumes, the way she presents herself. As for Evan, he doesn’t really understand who he is on the ice, what is he skating about. He’s always smiling and enjoying life. Evan Bates, not Bukin. Speaking about acting, he’s an average partner. Well, he pushes well, gains speed, spins her around – she weighs 36 kg. But to consider that as top-level, I can’t do that.

The skating, the actual gliding, the difference between them and Papadakis/Cizeron, Sinitsina/Katsalapov… The level is much lower.

We have talked about the Montreal school. You mentioned that we need to develop the concept of man and woman, which we have always been strong at. Showcasing the man and the woman. Don’t you think that concept has failed?

Alexander Zhulin: No, not at all. I think their concept is currently facing a severe collapse.

Olympic champions…

Alexander Zhulin: It’s not about that. Papadakis and Cizeron are an outstanding pair. There are no ballet dancers like Cizeron. He is an absolutely exceptional partner. The girl doesn’t spoil him. They skate well, they construct their programs very nicely. The direction they have chosen suits them very well.

But when six teams from the same group come out with the same approach, it becomes tiring. That’s why Sinitsina/Katsalapov looked like a bright spot for me.

Now I have a pair – I don’t want to compare them – of the same caliber. And clearly, it’s a woman and a man. This needs to be shown. We should not forget that besides Parent 1 and Parent 2, there are mothers and fathers. And there are husbands and wives. And only they give birth to children, and nobody has canceled that.

And not only over “Brokeback Mountain” people cry. They cry over “The Destiny of a Man,” they cry over other movies that celebrated men and women.

I have nothing against it. If people of a different orientation come and skate better, I acknowledge that. I didn’t hold a candle but I heard that Scott Moir, too, apparently, that person… Imagine that.

With Tessa Virtue, a classic woman…

Alexander Zhulin: Well, who knows now. It’s hard to tell. But Scott, as a partner, no matter what he was, he was an absolute man. And Cizeron, if he didn’t caress himself a couple of times in the program, he was also good.

If someone like Vasya Pupkin from the village of Kukuevo – our true man – comes and doesn’t make it to the final because he’s as awkward as a tractor, I would place Cizeron in first place rather than Vasya the tractor driver. There is a concept of beauty.

When I skated to Vivaldi’s program, it pleased me a lot that when gay people found out that I was stright, they would say: ‘Really? But you… Your lines are so beautiful, you feel the posture, and you’re not…?’ I would say: ‘No.’ They were genuinely disappointed.


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  1. Zaklina says:

    Hahah… usually,Mr Zhulin, have jokes that are beyond good taste… this time… surprise! Good points, indeed.

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