Alexander Zhulin: “Valieva has learned two magnificent quadruple jumps and triple axel. What dope are you talking about? She just doesn’t get out of the ice and withstands wild loads.”

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Alexander Zhulin about Eteri Tutberidze, Kamila Valieva and Alexandra Trusova.

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Alexander Zhulin told why he turned to the head of the IOC, Thomas Bach, about his words about Kamil Valieva.

Alexander Zhulin: Bach is a typical cynic, I just couldn’t stand and wrote him an open letter, because I was overwhelmed with emotions. He scoffed, shouted: “I won’t allow it,” and then suddenly became such a lamb.

Allegedly, he was so worried about Kamila, and Eteri met her so coldly! What child abuse! Why does he interfere at all? Eteri did everything absolutely right from the psychological point of view.

If she had rushed to console Kamila, she would have burst into tears, and they both would have burst into tears. And Eteri showed herself to be a completely normal person and a demanding coach, showing the athlete that she sees a prospect in her: “In four years, you will show them all!”

I know that Eteri is absolutely not a cruel person, she is a tough coach, this is true, but a coach should be like that.

About the doping scandal with Kamila Valieva at the 2022 Olympics

The situation with Kamila Valieva is simply terrible.

Alexander Zhulin: Kamila was psychologically raped. For seven hours she sat and listened to all this. I can imagine what it’s like to go through that at 15. Moreover, some athletes began to put pressure on her, they used to be friends, but now they turned away, they said that they did not want not only to communicate with her, but even to be on the same ice with her.

But it is known that the drug found in Kamila’s probe has no effect on the quality of skating.

Alexander Zhulin: The American side made it so that these completely silly drugs, such as meldonium and the one found in Kamila’s probe, appear in the fourth, most dangerous, column. For me, this is complete nonsense.

I would like WADA to meet with the IOC so that representatives from different countries are involved. Well, the Americans, Italians and Canadians cannot decide for everyone! To be honest, I’m already tired of performing without a flag, an anthem, without everything.

Poor Kamila! She has learned two magnificent quadruple jumps, she jumps a triple axel almost with his eyes closed! I saw how she trains. What dope are you talking about? She just doesn’t get out of the ice and withstands wild loads.

On the contrary, I would advocate supporting young athletes, giving them drugs for the smooth functioning of the heart muscle. I myself had a cardiac arrhythmia when I was professionally involved in sports. It stopped when I switched to coaching, because the loads stopped.

So the heart must be supported, otherwise I could die, for example. But I’m lucky: I’m alive and I’m giving you an interview. But in general, every year in Russia alone there are five or six cases when figure skaters, hockey players, skiers fall and die in training. The hearts of athletes must be supported.

And how do they get out of the situation in other countries?

Alexander Zhulin: The Americans did it very cunningly. They named drugs with the same active ingredients in a different way, and they simply are not on the lists. I heard that the Americans offered us some drugs that cost 4 times more than Russian counterparts. We refused, and they immediately put them on the banned list.

Eteri Georgievna brings up phenomenal figure skaters. This is a coach who has already won three Olympics. No one can even come close to her athletes, and I understand that they won’t be able to do this two or three more Olympics. Therefore, what is left for them to do is to impose sanctions and choke, choke, choke.

About Alexandra Trusova’s reaction at her silver medal at the Beijing Olympics.

Sasha Trusova was very upset because of the silver. Do you understand her feelings? You were in a similar situation.

Alexander Zhulin: I was already thirty years old then, and I clearly understood that the pair that won was “faster, higher, stronger”. Yes, I was offended, we were better in some components, but I never said anywhere that the decision of the judges was unfair. I am a reasonable person and I understand that you can find many positive qualities in that pair.

And Sasha Trusova is just very young. She has been going to this medal, realizing that in four years she might not succeed. And plus, she firmly believed in her five quadruples, and this is a man’s content.

She got 108 points for technique, and it would seem that everything was already done, but the second mark intervened. Sasha needs to reconsider her program and understand that between jumps she just rushes across the ice…

Anya’s program is more saturated, ornate – this must be admitted. The strength of a person lies in the ability to admit his mistakes, to look in the mirror more often.

So here I disagree with Sasha. In my opinion, the most reasonable thing is to draw the right conclusions. I think she has improved a lot this year, I especially like her short program, it’s just amazing.

In the free program, Sasha wanted to make such a content that no one would come close to her. This, of course, inspires respect, she is a real record holder, but she still need to work on the second mark.


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  1. peaceminus says:

    LMAO, i still remember USA threatening to pull fund out of WADA if they dont get green light for some “asthma pills”

  2. Dr. Vivian Bell says:

    Valieva had a banned drug in her system. Any other shit about the situation is just that: shit.

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