Alexander Zhulin about non-binary figure skater Timothy LeDuc: “He doesn’t know whether he’s a woman or a man. Either a pig, or a fly, or God knows who.”

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Two-time Olympic medalist in ice dance Alexander Zhulin commented on the situation with his statement about the non-binary American figure skater Timothy LeDuc, which caused a wide response in the Western sports community.

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source: dd. 20th January 2021

Alexander Zhulin: Four people called me asking about Timothy LeDuc. Usually these journalists call about Eteri Tutberidze, but this time they called to ask about LeDuc. He does not know whether he is a woman or a man. Either a pig, or a fly, or God knows who (a reference to “The Tale of Tsar Saltan” by Pushkin). And he is with a beard, quite plastic …

And these journalists do not ask: “Sasha, how are you doing? You have a wife, three children, you are a world champion. How do you live in general? They ask me about LeDuc. I answer: “Go to hell with your freaks.” And hung up. The next day, it was written everywhere that Zhulin called a non-binary athlete a freak. It all spread, grew, and then one very scary Canadian girl wrote that I should apologize.

But what’s the point! Look, in America, a black girl weighing 115 kg plays in the play The Beauty. And she herself says that she is happy to do this, because she could not do this before. But now everyone has become tolerant. Go ahead. There is a pedophile who says that he never enjoyed interacting with people his own age. And with boys and girls of 8 years old, he succeeds. And people agree: look, well, he is really an unhappy person, he really needs it. Go ahead. And if a person says: “I can only rape. Otherwise, I don’t enjoy it. I need to catch a woman in the park. Otherwise, I’m unhappy.” This is where we’ll end up.


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8 Responses to “Alexander Zhulin about non-binary figure skater Timothy LeDuc: “He doesn’t know whether he’s a woman or a man. Either a pig, or a fly, or God knows who.””

  1. E says:

    Free speech. Don’t have to agree.

  2. WAHOE says:

    I cann‘t believe that the ISU does not react on such comments from mr zhulin! He has to be banned from all upcoming competition,

  3. Matsu says:

    And he’s right, of course. Thankfully Russia still keeps its sanity, unlike decadent west…

  4. Clotario says:

    Muy cierto lo que dice. El mundo se vuelve cada día más esperpéntico.

  5. WAHOE says:

    this is a call to the olympic committee and to the isu! a person like mr. zhulin doesn’t deserve to be a part of the international figure skating community. his statements regarding homosexuality are shameful and unqualified. the isu and the olympic committee must set an example and ban mr zhulin from all future events! it must be stopped that mr. zhulin continues to be perceived internationally as a representative of the sport of figure skating. it must not be that his statements regarding timothy leduc remain without consequences!

  6. Carolina says:

    It’s clear who the freak is here, and Zhulin sees him every day in the mirror. What an ugly person.

  7. German Titiv says:

    … tHis mother fu**er, I meant!

  8. German Titiv says:

    What a moron tis mother fu**r !

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