Alexander Enbert: “These World Championships seemed to throw women’s single skating back a few years.”

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Pair skater Alexander Enbert about women’s single skating at the recent 2023 World Championships.

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Alexander Enbert: Probably, in recent years, we have become accustomed to slightly different women’s skating. To some extent, this also applies to the programs that we have seen with our athletes before and, of course, the content. When we did not see ultra-c elements at the European Championships, it seemed that nothing terrible had happened because the World Championships would come next. But then the World Championships passed, and there was not a single quadruple …

After all, after the programs of our girls at the last World Championships with the most difficult content, the American and Japanese women followed the Russians in technical terms and were motivated to perform quads. These World Championships seemed to throw women’s single skating back a few years. Strangely, women even stopped trying to do ultra-c elements. Apparently, this is no longer necessary.

Women decided to focus on clean skates. We saw them for the most part. Everyone relied on clean skates. Accordingly, athletes adapt to the situation in which they find themselves. It was probably the right way to get a medal. As for the placement, there were no particular questions. Sakamoto won. But there was no one who was head and shoulders above the opponents. 

Does the absence of ultra-c affect the prestige of the World Championships?

Alexander Enbert: Perhaps now there are some injuries among women who are ready to perform quads but could not prepare due to injuries. Maybe they really decided to just do without ultra-c, but this does not mean that they generally do not prepare them. Yes, as a spectator, it seemed to me that women’s single skating here and now was very different from what I was used to and what I would like to see. Of course, it’s probably too early to say that everything here is heading for the abyss. But honestly, everything was below my expectations.

It is clear that many foreign female skaters began to learn ultra-c, looking back at our girls. But it seemed to me that this fuse could not go out in an instant. Let’s see how things go.


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6 Responses to “Alexander Enbert: “These World Championships seemed to throw women’s single skating back a few years.””

  1. Eric says:

    And Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has thrown Russia back 9 decades. Life is disappointing sometime.

    If quads equals having Russian girls at the women’s event at worlds, then let there be no quads. I haven’t enjoyed a world championship as much as I enjoyed 2023 worlds in years.

  2. Sophie M. says:

    I never said a single word about Anna. I agree that her gold medal is very much deserved and she would’ve had a shot at gold even if there were no quads in this sport. I named Sasha because the chasm between her technical and artistic capabilities is the widest. Which, before you start, doesn’t mean she’s a bad skater in terms of artistry. She’s just not standing out as much as others. And yes, she got good scores in her short at the Olympics, but without quads being allowed in the short it was hardly anything others can’t beat if they skate clean as well. As I said I don’t even mind quads. I just don’t think they’re the end all be all. But hey: agree to disagree.

  3. French figure skating observer says:

    perhaps you dont see it
    the former olympic champion Anna Shcherbakova in china 2022 winter olympic games Did it
    so great level WITH 2 ULTRA C and with clean program from the beginning to the end
    this performance give to her a SERIOUS and valuable Olympic title and gold medal desserved
    so yes the best athlete are able to clean skate And do the expected Ultra C at the highest level of the world

  4. Katie B says:

    And Russian invading Ukraine throws the world back a few decades as well.

  5. Lu says:

    Like Enbert, I value quads and I think Female Figure skating regressed many years back. That’s why I no longer watch ISU competitions. Sasha was great and got good scores even in her short programs. Other girls fall even in their short programs without ultra-C elements.

  6. Sophie M. says:

    See, that’s the thing. Different people value different things. Enbert here likes to see quads and doesn’t value clean skates so much. I value clean skates (and clean edges) a lot and don’t need quads to be entertained. I don’t mind them, but they’re not necessary. It’s not like everything but quads is super easy.
    I’m not disputing the technical superiority of the Russian girls. At the same time, although I do like her attitude, someone like Sasha Trusova needs the ultra-c elements to be in the run for gold medals. Take away the quads, there’s no way she’s a 9.0+ PCS skater.

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