Alena Leonova: I skate for the audience

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Alena Leonova told about her preparation for the upcoming season.

So, how the preparation is going?

Alena: All according to the plan. Right now we have a little break. Just a couple days between training camps. Preparation is in active mode. Traditional places for training camps. Just arrived from Latvia, in a couple of days will be back to training camp – this time in Sweden. Working hard, as always, on positive. I’m polishing my new programs.

Tell about the programs.

Alena: The programs are ready. Which one – I’ll keep in secret for a while. Short program we did in May with Valentin Molotov. He’d been helping with the programs before. But now he did a full short program. We just have finished creation of the free program under the guidance of choreographer Olga Glinka. I like both programs and my coach Evgeni Rukavitsin also approved it.

Have you complicated your programs?

Alena: I’m actively learning new things in trainings, however, we didn’t put it into the programs. During the season will see and think about possible improvement of the programs.

Will you experiment in programs?

AlenaAs in past years, I’ve renewed the style of the programs again. You will see a new Alena Leonova again. It’s a pleasure for me and for the fans of figure skating. Figure skating it’s first of all creative, artistic sport.

What about competitions in the next season?

Alena: While it’s known only about two stages of the Grand Prix. Competitions in France and Japan. I’m very glad to have such schedule of the Grand Prix. I have never competed at the French Grand Prix, I really wanted to, and even dreamed to compete there. And it’s even not necessary to speak about Japan. Everything is very close to me there. And an amazing, setting to the positive atmosphere, and the audience, who love and support you.

And the other competitions?

Alena: While we are in thought. A little later, we’ll define the other turnaments.

What is your goal?

Alena: Of course, the result is important for me. But the main thing – I skate for the audience and try to please it. If I manage to skate the program well and to please the audience, the desired result will also come.

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