Alena Kostornaia: You work because you need it. This is your task, your goal, coaches can only help you

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Translation of video interview with Alena Kostornaia after Russian junior test skates.

video by Olga E

Alena, what was the most vivid impression of last season?

– Probably, the junior Grand Prix Final, because  we competed among themselves but we also had the opportunity to watch seniors. This is certainly much more interesting.

You did then many photos in Japan and Rafael Harutyunyan said that these girls made my day, because they took pictures with all the participants of the men’s final including me. With whom did you want to take a photo?

– I really wanted to take a picture with Nathan Chen, Shoma Uno and Raphael. Also we really liked Adam Rippon and Jason Brown, they performed very well, very nice programs, very interesting.

In February there were Olympic Games, coaches had to leave for a long time with Zhenya and Alina. With whom did you stay and how did you work? Because that it was necessary to prepare for the junior world championships.

– We stayed with Sergei Rozanov, but in training nothing changed much. In the group have such a motivation that you go on the ice and you work because you need it. You’ve devoted your whole life to this and this is your task, your goal, coaches can only help you.

Is it hard to force yourself?

– Sometimes yes.

The final start of the season was the Junior World Championship, what did you remembered most?

– I remember two things. Gala and doping control. Gala, because it was my first gala where I participated in the collective entrance, and the whole process is interesting. And doping control because we sat there very long. First sat, then walked, then ran, danced in the hall and so on until twelve o’clock.

Tell us about new programs. Who choreographed then?

– Both programs choreographed Daniil Gleichengauz along with Eteri Georgievna. In a short program I portray an angel who at the very beginning of the program fell from heaven. I look around and I don’t like it here and at the end of the program I’m given the opportunity to fly back. Free program Romeo and Juliet.

Is it hard to get involved in work after the rest?

– Partly yes.

Psychologically or physically?

– It’s physically hard. After the rest you come morally rested, during these two weeks you have time to relax so and so, but when you come to the training camp of course it’s not easy, because you are not in shape yet.

Will there be any changes in the programs during the season and have you tried to learn some difficult elements during the off-season?

– I hope that we will improve in technical terms, because the program is not сcompletely ready, we just hope that we’ll be able to improve it.

You have a very strong group, how do you think, due to what the athletes of your group manage to achieve results?

– Due to the fact that we skate for ourselves. First of all, we need this. You go to the ice out with an understanding what do you need, what you want to get from life. I think when you’re on the ice it’s like gambling. Yes, there are defeats, but if you overcome these defeats, then you rise much higher than you was before.


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