Alena Kostornaia: Victory is gold. Silver and bronze – not the same thing

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Interview with Alena Kostornaia for Russian Channel 1. Translation of some parts.

Aliona: Would I do horse riding after figure skating? Yes. We love our sport, but most likely the maximum age (for competing) is about 21 years.

Figure skating is changing, new jumps are coming, adult women will not be physically able to learn elements that smaller girls jump.

Every day you have to improve, to improve yourself at every training session. Let it be small, hardly noticeable improvements, but they will be. It’s nice to get the result.

Any victory is overcoming of oneself. But in general, victory is gold. Silver and bronze – not the same thing. Gold means that you are the first, the best. The second and third place – well done, but the one who stands a place higher did better, and you lacked somewhere.

Don’t be jealous about the achievements of other athletes, go to your goal.

Me, Sasha Trusova and Anya Shcherbakova – we are all together. But at the same time, we are also perceived separately. Sasha is very stubborn, Anya is calm and intelligent. A lot of qualities are mixed in me, one cannot be singled out.

You start doing sports, go to competitions a couple of times and you can’t let it go anymore. There will be no more purpose in life. You train, show results, stand on the pedestal, and without figure skating you will stay at home, and none of this will happen – no trips to different countries, no medals.

If you once won something, then you won’t be able to refuse it. All that I want, I get thanks to figure skating.

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