Alena Kostornaia: For sure I will jump triple axel in the free program. Let’s see one or two

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Short interview with Alena Kostornaia after the short program at Finlandia Trophy 2019.

by dd 11th October, 2019

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– There is always room for improvement. But overall I’m satisfied.

Which way to improve?

– To get to the level of the free program. We’ll have to change the short program a little. Today it was possible to make a better step sequence and spins.

At the practice session we saw how you performed the triple axel perfectly. Will you include it into the free program and why not in the short?

– I will. Not in the short program because I started training this element only after test skates. It started to turn out well only in the last two weeks. For me, the main thing is to go and understand that I’ll jump it. And not like – maybe I will maybe I won’t. So far we decided not to risk.

Will you jump two triple axels in the free program or one?

– Now in training I skate with two. But along the way, the program may change. I will jump triple axel in the free program for sure. Let’s see one or two.

Today you skated first. What did you feel?

– First thought: “Damn, I skate first.” But then I realized that this is a huge advantage. After a six-minute warm-up, I went on the ice and skated, was free earlier than everyone else and had more time to relax.

This is your first senior competition. Did you worried a lot?

– There wasn’t much excitement. I always do the same thing in training. Why should I not do something at competitions? This like to ride a bicycle – once learned and you know how.

The competitions takes place almost in a homely atmosphere. Is this important for you?

– Not very important. This does not really change the situation.

Why did you keep last year’s short?

– I skated it only once at a major competitions. It was the Grand Prix Finals. And many judges did not see it. But it’s actually very good.

Do you really like this short program?

– Yes. I can’t say why I specifically love it, but I really enjoy skating it. I have the feeling of lightness skating it.

More than a month has passed since the test skates, and your first competitions is just now. The reason for delay is work on the triple axel?

– No, this competitions was planned from the beginning, there were no others. I don’t know why this one.

That is, you are not asked where you want to perform?

– The coaches and the federation decide. I wasn’t particularly asked where to go. But for me, any competition is a joy. It doesn’t matter whether it after a month or a month and a half.

Do you feel the difference between junior competitions and senior competitions?

– The team is changing, I performed with my peers in juniors, here many girls are much older than me. Experienced, adult athletes. I’m trying to join this team. When I talk with Liza Tuktamysheva, I don’t really perceive her as an adult. Senior teammates are 23–24 years old, 8 years difference, but still you can find something in common. It seems that she’s my age.

You were the last in your group to make your senior debut. Did Trusova and Shcherbakova gave you some advice on how to overcome the excitement?

– No, we do not give each other advice. Just talked, they talked about the competition, where they went, what they saw. Sasha talked a lot about Japan. Not about competitions, but how she spent time there.


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