Alena Kostornaia: Eteri Tutberidze praised me much, I heard such words for the first time

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Alena Kostornaia commented on her performance in the short program at the Russian Nationals 2020.

Alena got 89,86 points and placed first.

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Alena: When I came from the ice, I was happy not about the scores or performance, but rather because of what Eteri Georgievna said, I heard such words for the first time. She praised me much.

So far this is the best of what I have skated. I’m glad that I proved to myself that I can skate clean and very well.

I try not to overthink, but to go and do what I can. If before I have done five run-throughs well in training, why should I do something differently?

I really like to skate when there are a lot of people, it does not bother me at all. For me, the more viewers, the better.

For me, this Russian National Championships is the same as the previous one. Except that previous one was held earlier and it was easier. It’s harder not because of some qualification. You just need to do your job, and then the federation will decide.

The victory at the Grand Prix Final did not add me any confidence or responsibility. Rather, it’s just a medal in the collection. A beautiful goblet is standing, a medal is hanging – and I rejoice, I like it.

Who do you see as your main rival in the fight for gold?

– I will not answer this question.

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