Alena Kostornaia: Each of us is an individuality

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Alena Kostornaia commented on her victory at the Grand Prix Final 2019.

by Ksenia Kireeva for dd. December 8th, 2019

– Firstly, I’m very glad that everything that I had planned turned out. I did not think about place I had after the short program, I just went on the ice and performed. During the jumping part of the program I don’t pay much attention to what is happening around, but when the jumps end, I look at the audience and hear how they support me.

This is your first season at the senior level. What was the hardest and most joyful?

– The hardest thing is to get ready for the free program. At all competitions it’s difficult to get out of comfort mode. And the most joyful is that due to these competitions I was able to visit a large number of new countries. For me, this season is the most unexpected, because I learned a new element and was able to perform it at the competitions right away.

Each of your group won two of the six Grand Prix. And now you met in the Finals. Did you think about winning?

– In general, to every competitions I go without thoughts about the place, I just want to skate the program cleanly and have fun.

Fans have already come up with an abbreviation for you – TSCHK – Trusova, Shcherbakova and Kostornaia. Should they move the letter K forward since Kostornaia won the Grand Prix Final?

– TSCHK? Well, it makes no difference, you can leave it like that, if you’re used to it. But in general, each of us is an individuality.


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