Adian Pitkeev withdrew from Grand Prix

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According to Elena Buyanova Adian Pitkeev has to postpone the start of competitive practice in the current season due to a long recovery from injury. The date of his come back on the ice at competitions is not forecasted.

Adian Pitkeev withdrew from Grand Prix of the season-2016/17. He also didn’t participate in the test skates of Russian figure skating team, which took place on September 10-11 in Sochi.

Adian still has pain in his back, injury has an effect and, accordingly, athlete needs to get stronger, and only then take part in competitions. We need to be prepared, especially physically, so we’re waiting for recovery. I don’t want to force his start. Today, the sport dictates rather strict conditions in order to achieve results, including the appropriate amount of trainings. While Adian can’t do that due to his injury. If he has it, and if recovery can’t pass quickly, we have to make a small step back. – Buyanova said

He has this injury for a long time, since Russian Nationals. It’s nobody’s fault – neither coach’s nor athlete’s, we just need to wait for the final recovery. I don’t want to predict the terms. We was preparing for Grand Prix, but it turned out not so simple .

Meanwhile, according to the coach, Adian Pitkeev works on ice:

He has already shown the program for the federation. Of course, without elements. Turned out wonderful programs that suit Adian a lot. Peter Tchernyshev did both programs. We received good feedback on them, I’d even say great. – Buyanova added.



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