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The translation of some parts of the recent interview with Adelina Sotnikova for dedicated to 8th March – International Women Day.

It seems this season you not always had the strength for the second half of the program. Do you plan to do some special exercises during the off season to improve endurance? Maybe you will invite a specialist?

Adelina: Perhaps, I won’t reveal the secrets of special training, you will see everything on ice. And about this season, it wasn’t a lack of strength it was rather a lack of competitive experience. Because as a result of injury I’ve been without any competition for year and a half. Many athletes, who got serious injuries, were getting back in the rhythm little by little, slowly. So it was with me.

At competitions judges sometimes call the wrong edge on your lutz. Do you manage to do this jump correctly on practice?

Adelina: Not always. It comes from how I was taught in childhood. I’m trying to re-learn, and sometimes I manage to do it from the correct edge. But I try not to focus on one element, it may take a very long time, to retrain and other elements will suffer.

Adelina Sotnikova

There was a very powerful wave of negativity from the Koreans after Sochi. Has it subsided after two years?

Adelina: I do not even know. I have stopped pay attention to this long ago, I have many other things to do. If, God will grant, I’ll go to Korea for the Olympic Games 2018 and will be able to see it firsthand.

The love of fans and excitement around you have changed during this time? It became easier to walk the streets?

Adelina: Yeah, really  I’ve never been afraid to walk the streets. People love me, and this love is not over after some time has passed after the Games in Sochi. I hope it will continue for a very long time.

Do you have any particular image or music that you would like to perform on the ice?

Adelina: Certain melody I can always use at gala. As for the image, I think I have found mine. Although, I always try to change, try different things, different styles. I can’t say that I want to play any particular character.

Who among today’s young Russian skaters impress you most?

Adelina: You know, they impress me every year, and every time a new girl (laughs).

Recently Liza Tuktamysheva has posted a photo with you at the Junior Olympics four years ago. How often do you think of this games?

Adelina: There are cases when the nostalgia comes and I remember many different things that happened at that competition. Then in Austria were no question to organization or feeding. When we get together with those who competed in Innsbruck we share our memories and we always do it with smiles.

Did you watched this Youth Olympic Games?

Adelina: Unfortunately, not. I only know the final results.

Adelina Sotnikova, Tatiana Tarasova

There was a very few television broadcasts, and skaters themselves filmed the competition through the “Periscope”, sometimes even with comments. In this connection, the question arose: what do you think about working as commentator?

Adelina: I’ve been invited to comment some starts already. And if we talk about the ongoing work – tournaments after tournament, how Tatiana Tarasova does, I’m not aspiring to it, but it would be very interesting. And I’d love to try. If commenting can be combined with the main activity, it is quite possible that I will get a second job.

But you will have to criticize athletes.

Adelina: And I‘ll try to keep the most positive coverage – for me they all skate well (laughs).

Would you like to do a joint number with someone, like Bonaly and Candeloro?

Adelina: I spend a lot of time on one ice with Maxim Kovtun, so it would be he. I think he would not mind.

My favorite question when you stopped putting tights over boots?

Adelina: Childhood in the past. Age is not the same, I had to stop skating in gloves and such tights.

What is the main goal for the next season?

Adelina: To return to the national team for main competitions. And to return myself.

Is the level of Sochi, achievable?

Adelina: And even above this level. If you want, everything is real.

Adelina Sotnikova

What is the most beautiful toy, which fans gave to you?

Adelina: Huge teddy bear, which young man brought to CSKA. The guy came to the training rink and gave me this huge bear with a bouquet of flowers.

Even the biggest bear – it is only one of thousands of toys you’re getting. What do you do with them?

Adelina: Since I have a huge family with a lot of small children, a good half of this toys I give to my cousins, I have a lot of them. Part of toys is in our country house. So, in fact, they all remain with me.

Personally, my main impression associated with you, is not the Sochi 2014, but last year’s open skates for the media at CSKA. Dozens of admiring children’s eyes were watching you.  

Adelina: Words can’t describe it. I’m insanely happy that my performance has caused such emotions. When you have an idol, it is possible to reach for him, reach this level. Now it is happening with them, just like I admired Irina Slutskaya and Shizuka Arakawa.

Do this girls come to you for advice?

Adeline: Yes, and not once. I never refuse – on the contrary, always try to help as much as possible. Moreover, it’s our girls, from CSKA, how can I not help them?

The World Championships in Boston is soon. Are you plan to watch it?

Adelina: Maybe, I’ll even be there. And I will be cheering for the entire Russian team in all disciplines.


Adelina Sotnikova’s performances at Russian Nationals



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3 Responses to “Adelina Sotnikova: people love me”

  1. AdelinaGirl96 says:

    I find it also interesting that now she will be training on ice with Pitkeev (who I believe is going with Buyanova for coach) and Voronov; do you think that’ll boost her jumps?

    • FS Gossips says:

      Voronov trains with Inna Goncharenko. She’s also a CSKA’s coach but they don’t train on ice at the same time with Buyanova. I don’t think that Pitkeev will boost Adelina’s jumps) She trains with Kovtun and all his quads) Did it boost her jumps?) Adelina’s jumps are ok, yes she maybe can’t compete in difficulty with pre-puberty girls….but unfortunately it’s natural. She rather needs to work on her shape.

      WIth Pitkeev it’s interesting situation. Buyanova don’t have many students but she agreed to take him. He can be a good sparring-partner for Kovtun.

  2. AdelinaGirl96 says:

    I love her so much. She’s such a pretty skater and I love her lines and jumps. Good luck for the next season, girl! You are fabulous!

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