Adelina Sotnikova in the “Ice Age”

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Adelina Sotnikova took part in Russian test skates 2016 in Sochi, showed new programs and then accepted the offer to participate in the show “Ice Age” on Russian First tv-channel. In this show professional figure skaters skate in pairs with popular actors/singers etc. I think that was an unpleasant news for Adelina’s fans who still hope that Sotnikova will return to sport.

Alexander Lakernik commented on this situation:

Participation in this show involves a long period of time when the athlete particularly doesn’t train. In case with Adelina everything depends on her desire and her health. At the test skates in Sochi I saw in which shape she is. In terms of jumps her level is not so far from her best shape. In terms of spins, she has problems with her back, and desire to participate in “Ice Age” can be connected with this fact, for not to have a big load, and this can bring some benefits.

Because If back continues to hurt it’ll be very difficult for her to compete at the level she used to. If continue to skate, fighting with pain, nothing good will come. It is necessary to wait, but after the break it will be very difficult to return. However, anything can happen. Let’s see what Carolina Kostner will show after a very long break. Sotnikova, albeit not very well, but still participated in the competitions last season. – Lakernik said


Her partner in “Ice Age” is Alexander Sokolovsky, an actor famous for his role in the youth series about hockey.

Adelina Sotnikova and Alexander Sokolovsky week 1

So, is this the end? Will we ever see Adelina competing at major international competitions again? I do understand why Maxim Trankov accepted this offer. Tatiana is waiting for a baby, she can’t train and Max can’t skate in shows alone. “Ice age” gives him an opportunity to earn some good money being not far from his wife. The situation with Adelina is quite different…….So, she won’t participate in Russian Nationals? Because let’s be honest, skating in a show with not professional skater it’s not the same with systematic preparation for important tournament…….I’m really upset(


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8 Responses to “Adelina Sotnikova in the “Ice Age””

  1. jiji says:

    why adelina don’t work hard? why adelina don’t take her competitive career seriously? and why…..ect
    short answer: the next olympics in korea
    i bet you if adelina work hard for 3 months she will restore all her jumps but for her what’s the point to go to korea and get booed?! cuz there everyone think she stole kim gold medal

    • FS Gossips says:

      Well, even if she restore her jumps I doubt she can beat Medvedeva or Tsurskaya (who will be age eligible for Olympics). Plus she has never been consistent…….I think Olympics were the only competition where she skated both program clean…..

    • Stolbova Obsessed says:

      It wouldn’t be wise for her to go to PyeongChang, which is a shame because she is still a talented girl and could perhaps medal with a solid performance and a little luck- maybe silver, bronze – but at this point if she gets anything less than gold, it would be considered shameful even if it isn’t. And if they boo her, it might shake her confidence and she could miss every jump in the program. That would be a disaster she couldn’t forget anytime soon.
      I wish her the best in life, but what with all the Russian girls coming up from juniors and all, I just don’t think she can hold on. Russia has their “It-girl” of the year lined up for a long time. The grown woman skater with power and speed isn’t what wins anymore; now it’s the tiny girl who nails her jumps for a season, then hits puberty and disappears from the sport. There just isn’t room for Adelina’s kind of skater anymore.

      • FS Gossips says:

        “The grown woman skater with power and speed isn’t what wins anymore” Yes, I think we start to forget what should be called womens figure skating((

        • Stolbova Obsessed says:

          It’s become a sport of 15- and 16- year old girls who jump because there’s no gravity against them. If that’s what they want, there should be no distinction between junior and senior, because the girls in seniors no longer skate that much more maturely than the ones in juniors.

  2. Stolbova Obsessed says:

    As much as I hate to admit it, I think Adelina might not return to competition. But it seems like she’s okay with that. I think she probably wanted to keep skating and have a victorious season like Evgenia last year, but it’s not going to happen and she knows that. She was a very talented skater, she won an Olympic medal, and now she can move on to shows and other fun aspects of skating.
    And though it always sucks to see a career cut short, I can’t be too sad about it…there are so many Russian girls that it’s not like there will be an empty spot on the team for long.

    • FS Gossips says:

      The pity thing that Adelina won OG when she was only at the beginning of her way. She has grown as a performer, grown in second mark….but who cares now(

      • Stolbova Obsessed says:

        That’s what I fear for the young ones these days like Medvedeva and Tsurskaya. The career over before it starts.

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