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Here’re some news from one of the Russian figure skating clubs – CSK. About Adelina Sotnikova, Maxim Kovtun, Adian Pitkeev and Sergei Voronov (who now trains with Inna Goncharenko).

Elena Buyanova about Adelina and Maxim:

Adelina’s short program, which Peter Tchernyshev choreographed for her, is already ready – it’s powerful and chic program. Now we’re think on the free program. The work on Maxim Kovtun’s short progam is in full swing. Peter Tchernyshev also doing it. They work at night, when the ice is empty. I admire Peter’s imagination, he gushes ideas. I’m infinitely grateful him for my athletes, for whom every year he creates a completely different images, feels and understands the skaters. All guys will have very good programs next year. – Buyanova said.

the source: tass.ru

About Adian Pitkeev:

Adian is still recovering, treating, so we can’t work in full force. Of course, itching to start working. We already have some ideas for the short and free programs. Adian is a great guy, a good athlete. I can’t  detract the merits of his former coaches – they have done an excellent job with him, achieved good results. So, now all we are waiting for is his fully recovery. – Elena Buyanova told.

the source: tass.ru

Sergei Voronov about his nearest plans:

In the new season we’ll continue cooperation with Inna Germanovna (Goncharova). I’m grateful to her that she helped me in difficult times. Now we’re looking for ideas for new programs, and we expect to do one of them in May. While no specifics, but a lot of emotions – so many events have happened in my life lately. After finishing the program will have a little rest, and then – another training camp.

The season wasn’t easy for me. What conclusions I made after it? They primarily at the level of psychology. And the most important – not always and not everyone you need to trust. A plan for the upcoming season only one – go on the ice and skate at the maximum. To develop some kind of strategy it’s not for me. I need to prove myself that I’m competitive and can be higher than on the 5-th place. In the next season I will try to justify my own expectations and expectations of my coach. – Sergei said.

the source: tass.ru

Adelina Sotnikova also told a little bit about her new programs.


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  1. Stolbova Obsessed says:

    Sounds awesome! I like Elena Buyanova and Inna Goncharenko, they seem like decent people. Tutberidze scares me.

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