“Missing the Russian Grand Prix Final means the end of a great sports career for Trusova. By the way, there will be absolutely no tragedy about it.” Sports journalist Elena Vaitsekhovskaya

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Sports journalist Elena Vaitsekhovskaya about the withdrawal of Alexandra Trusova from Russian Grand Prix Final.

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source: RT

Elena Vaitsekhovskaya: Missing the Russian Grand Prix Final, where the silver medalist of the Beijing Games qualified thanks to the third and second places at the GP stages where she performed, actually means the end of the season for the athlete. That is, even if Sasha continues training and prepares new programs by the fall, the break between competitions will be almost a year for her.

This term is too long to return without losing the former qualities, which Trusova has largely lost if we compare the current state of the skater with what she was a year ago. Sasha is still in great shape for shows, but sports are a completely different story.

Does this mean that a great sports career will be over? In my opinion, yes. By the way, there will be absolutely no tragedy. It happens not the first and certainly not the last time. Four years ago, they also believed in the return of Medvedeva, and now Sasha is actually repeating the same path that Zhenya took after Pyeongchang.

The vice-champion of the 2018 Games then changed her coach, treated injuries for a long time, and started to compete but withdrew from the most important start—the Russian Nationals—referring to a suddenly broken boot. This is where her competitive story was finally completed.


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