Evgeni Plushenko: “If my athletes continue to be judged the same way as now, there will be transfers to other countries. Transfers of those athletes who are judged unfairly.”

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Two-time Olympic champion and now a coach, Evgeni Plushenko, spoke critically about the judging at the Russian Junior Championships.

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source: Sport24

Veronika Zhilina (2nd place) and Sofia Titova (4th place) represented the Angels of Plushenko Academy at the Championships.

“If my athletes continue to be judged the same way as now, there will be transfers to other countries. Transfers of those athletes who are judged unfairly.” Sport24 correspondent Konstantin Lesik quotes Plushenko.

Later Plushenko explained his position in more detail.

Evgeni Plushenko: I have the following situation, a statement: for some reason, my athletes who do ultra-c are given much lower points. That is, the judges give lower GOE, but the jumps are excellent. Super. If someone else did them, for example, they would give completely different points. I looked at printouts, points were much higher. For example, if my athletes have any endges, the judges immediately see that. Other athletes – they do not see. This has been going on for several seasons. What’s this? I spoke with the judges, with the federation, I said, “Look. Why are you judging me harshly? Judge everyone equally.” We are for justice. If a girl pops a jump, she gets +2, and when mine does the same, she gets -4. Why? Why is such prejudice? Where’s the justice? For the second year, I have been telling athletes about this, warning, reminding them. Everyone in the federation says that everything is fine, everything is great. Again no. I endured, endured, but today we talked with the athletes, with the parents. Most likely, there will be transfers of many skaters to other countries. Those who are judged unfairly. Because why should the guys also fight for justice? And should I fight? I’m tired. If the federation does not need us, my athletes, then we will go where we are needed.

This is not for the first season. This has been building up for a long time. If you look now, people win with one quadruple. I don’t want to offend anyone. But one quad versus four ultra-c. Well, what are we doing? Same that happened to me and Lysacek? Where is he now? Where? What? Trusova skated, moved figure skating forward and lost the Olympics. She trained with me, jumped four ultra-c. But we don’t need it, we need ballet. I understand that you need to skate beautifully, spin, I understand everything perfectly. But you also need to move forward.

If you take Nika (Zhilina), she skates consistently, doing several quads this year. Same for Titova – three ultra-c. Yes, there is a gap after a short program. But judge each athlete fairly. If you see my skater has a wrong edge, call it, no problem. You see the other has it too, but do not call. Today the girl with two under-rotated quads is on the podium. One got one carrot, and the other didn’t. That’s the difference between third and fourth place. And I’m also offended, the athlete, parents. When they close their eyes on others, but open them on me. I do not want to cooperate, move forward. How can I stop them when such a solution boiled up? It means that someone has set a task. The Federation says, “Go away, it’s okay.” Great, very cool. Upon arrival, I will communicate with the Ministry of Sports, with the Russian Olympic Committee, with Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Difficult times, we must unite, raise each other. But we have conflict after conflict. I am a non-confrontational person. But when they tick me off… Yana and I are building a school, but here it’s knowingly: “Ah, Plushenko’s Angels” … I got tired.


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5 Responses to “Evgeni Plushenko: “If my athletes continue to be judged the same way as now, there will be transfers to other countries. Transfers of those athletes who are judged unfairly.””

  1. Jana says:

    Such a great athlete. Mark Kondratiuk’s words: “Wise thoughts don’t come to an athlete’s head.” As much as I understand Evgeni’s frustration over the scores of his pupils, which really look beyond suspicious… does he really expect any support from Mr Putin? Yes, we all know the Russian president is very much into sports, which is why he typically waits for the end of Olympics before he starts an agression… They may even be on good terms. But, seriously – regardless of how many medals you received from him – do you really believe he cares about you?

  2. Jacko Man says:

    I dont really follow the junior circuit this season. Just read the wikipedia. Alina Gorbacheva(1) and Maria Gordeeva(3). Are they from TT or in
    junior national team?

    Veronika Zhilina is in the national team, right?
    If a nobody beat a national team member, then that nobody really deserves it.

    Why does he encourage juniors to switch passports, when he believes that switching coaches is normal? Thats just means his school sucks!

    He once offered Trusova to Arutyunyan. This clown has the potential to be a traitor!

    Oh, and Trusova never jumped 4 quads under him!

  3. Pirkaf says:


  4. No war says:

    Evgeni, I respect your talent and hardworking. But the system and the country are corrupt. And you have been supporting (and is still supporting) the Godfather of the corruption in the country. It’s called boomerang.

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