“I can do blond hair only for the current period. I still want to compete, I hope I can slowly return to it at my own pace.” Wakaba Higuchi about her new hair color and desire to continue skating

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Wakaba Higuchi about getting blonde hair and her thoughts on returning to competitions.

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source: nikkansports.com 11 February 2023

On the February 11th, Wakaba attended the talk show of the Beijing Olympics 1st anniversary event “TEAM JAPAN WINTER FEST” held in Tokyo. When she appeared with bright blonde hair, the audience reacted. She said, “I thought I’d like to lighten my hair without thinking about anything in particular, and I thought I’d like to try it because it’s something I can only do for the current period.” She explained the reason for the hair change with a smile.

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In April of last year, she suffered a stress fracture in the outer bone of her right shin. After that injury Higuchi took a break from competition and focused on recovery. She didn’t compete this season.

During the period away from skating, she worked on “what I can do for now” and ran 42.195 kilometers at the Honolulu Marathon last December.

“It’s not boring, but I felt that I was lacking in life. I felt that I like fighting and setting goals and working hard. I’ve been thinking a lot about my future, and in the end, I still want to compete, so I hope I can slowly return to it at my own pace.” said Wakaba.

She also thinks about the Milano Cortina Olympics in 2026.

“The Olympics is my dream, and I don’t want it to end with just one.”


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