“The results of the award are fair. Why not Shcherbakova? She hasn’t been skating long enough yet.” Tatiana Tarasova about Nathan Chen winning the ISU Most Valuable Skater nomination

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Tatiana Tarasova spoke about the results of the ISU Skating Awards.

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source: TASS / sport-express

Olympic champion Nathan Chen won the Most Valuable Skater nomination. The shortlist also included Olympic champions Anna Shcherbakova, Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron.

Tatiana Tarasova: The results of the award are fair, in my opinion.

Nathan is the first, because for many years he has been leading the men’s single skating forward, to new heights, and has been its decoration.

Why did Shcherbakova have to win? She had a very serious competitor. Look at how many years Nathan Chen has been the first at the European and World Championships.

At the last Olympics, he was the last in the short program and the first in the free program. This is also a small record.

For many years he was the world champion. He is preferable to Anya. She hasn’t been skating long yet. If she had skated for a couple more years and won, it would have been a different conversation.


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