Charlene Guignard and Marco Fabbri: “We haven’t decided yet whether we’ll stay until the next Olympics. That would be great but we don’t want to stay in sports just because of the home Olympics.”

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Italian dance duo Charlene Guignard and Marco Fabbri shared their emotions after winning the European Championships in Espoo, Finland.

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source: by Maya Bagriantseva

“The day was hard, it was difficult for us to skate today. We were the last ones to go, it was already late and therefore we skated heavier than usual. In the kiss-and-cry, there was a feeling of huge relief as if 10 kg had fallen off my shoulders. We are not 16 years old, we have been waiting for this moment for a very long time. When we saw the scores, we were just happy. A dream come true. This is beyond words.

We are proud to have brought gold to Italy – our country has a long history of victories in ice dance. We are glad that we were also able to contribute to the history of our country. And let’s hope that more kids will come to do ice dance, especially boys. This is a very beautiful sport, it deserves it.

The Italian team did great at this championships, it’s just incredible. We have a very close relationship in the team, all the guys came to support us, we saw it – it was so nice! We are like one big family, we will celebrate today, oh yes, it will be a real party,” said the skaters.

Marco Fabbri also said whether they will continue their careers.

Marco Fabbri: We have not decided yet whether we will stay until the next Olympics. At the end of the season, after the World Team Trophy, Charlene and I will sit down and decide whether we leave or stay. We do not want to make any prediction yet.

It is clear that we feel a certain pressure; the Olympic Games will be held at our home, in Milan, there are not a lot of strong duets in the Italian team now. But we do not want to stay in sports just because the home Olympics are ahead.

Yes, that would be just great and I would be happy to perform at home. But you have to leave at the peak, I think. Now we are finally in the top but what will happen next, no one knows.

source: by Maya Bagriantseva


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