Alisa Efimova: “At the 2009 European Championships here in Finland, I was a flower girl and I thought that I will never be among these incredible athletes who competes here.”

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German figure skater Alisa Efimova, who skate in a pair with Ruben Blommaert about difficult times in her career in a comment for Russian media.

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Previously, Efimova competedfor Russia in a pair with Alexander Korovin.

You career didn’t go easy, how not to give up in moments of despair, when you want to give up everything?

Alisa Efimova: You know, at the 2009 European Championships here in Finland, I was among the girls who collect flowers and toys after the skates’ performances. And I remember myself sitting right next to the gate where the skaters go on the ice, and I thought, “Wow, I’m involved in such an event.”

Then it seemed to me then that I and these incredible athletes are two parallel universes and we will never intersect. Who would have thought that one day I also would go on the ice as a participant of the European Championships.

And the motivation… There were different moments. But you know, my coaches, my family, my mother have invested so much in me that I want to achieve something. So that everything given to me developed and gave some kind of fruit. After all, a competitive career is just a part of our life, a very short one, so I want to have some kind of result and have good memories.

Do you follow Russian competitions this season?

Alisa Efimova: Yes, of course I try to follow. If there is time, I will definitely watch, read how it is covered in social networks. In fact, I’m glad that all these competitions are held in Russia because for figure skating, in general, it is important that the sport remains in the public eye. I hope that everything will come back, that we will start competing together again. It is important for us to see who is where, who shows what, what new elements they have mastered.


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