Adeliia Petrosian: “Recently, I don’t eat on the eve of the performance; it’s easier for me and it’s easier to jump.”

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Adeliia Petrosian about jumps, music for programs, friendship with Sofia Akatieva, support of close ones and preparation for competitions.

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Adeliia Petrosian: I love the quadruple loop very much; this is a unique jump for me (Adeliia was the first woman to perform it.) It takes a lot of effort and energy. When it works out, I want to jump it again and again. The first time I tried the loop, I was about 10-11 years old. Then my first coach said that I could do it. I am grateful to her for helping me believe in myself, and already at Khrustalny, they have helped me make this little dream come true.

For me, figure skating is magic. If you look at the ice after skating, then each arc and each turn have their own pattern. And perhaps that is why, for me, this sport is associated with magic.

I think every person has their own shortcomings. You know them and understand what is worth working on. I am very emotional; sometimes I have to restrain myself. I also lack confidence in myself a little, but I am also working on this. When you win or just do your best, it helps you go further.

Music for performances is offered by the coaches. I gradually get used to it, and during the season I start to understand how to reveal the music and artistic image best. This season, I skate the short program to the sensual song Voilà by Barbara Pravi. I am grateful to my mother, who helped me translate it from French, and to the coaches who insisted on this music.

For me, figure skating in general is associated with Vladimir Vysotsky’s song “Top.” It’s about overcoming and about winning over yourself. I also like the song “Keep your nose up” from the movie “Midshipmen, forward!”. It is so cheerful, and when you listen to it, you really don’t want to get upset.

When preparing for a performance, I listen to rhythmic music in my headphones. It helps me warm up and move faster. And I devote a couple of minutes to the music for my program, “skating” it on the floor. 

As for instrumental music, I love the music by Nino Rota—for example, themes from The Godfather and Romeo and Juliet.

We communicate a lot with Sonya Akatieva and have fun before training. It happens that I’m tired and don’t want anything, and here is Sonya sitting next to me. We chat, talk about life, complain to each other about something, and it’s already easier on the soul. It is much easier for me to concentrate on competitions. Here it is, the long-awaited “here and now.” Before the competitions, everyone is for himself, there is no time for support; everyone has their own mood and their own habits.

My mother and grandmother are very supportive. There will never be deceit or anger in their words. They always help get through some difficult stages. Eteri Georgievna Tutberidze too, because she does not let to relax.

Before the competitions, I always sleep and go on the ice with renewed strength. Recently, I don’t eat on the eve of the performance; it’s easier for me and it’s easier to jump. Also, before each competition, I turn on the movie “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes His Profession,” which I already know by heart. It always cheers me up, and I think this is the best comedy!

I am a fan of Yuzuru Hanyu – his skating skills and musicality. Even when he got a head injury right on the ice, he still went on the ice and skated for the audience. I am very impressed with the expressiveness of the hands, gliding, and spins of the Japanese figure skater Satoko Miyahara. And I will also single out Yuna Kim; she has just the perfect jumping technique.

For me, figure skating is a program that remains in our hearts and that I want to watch again.

The hardest thing about sports is focusing when things don’t work out.

My biggest dream is for everyone to be healthy and for my family and friends to live with me for a long time.

I am inspired by many things. My family, the first place on the podium, the crunch of ice, and when you succeed in learning something new.

My favorite subjects at school are Russian language and biology.


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