Tiffany Zahorski got a release

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Eventually Tiffany Zagorski got a release from the French federation. Congratulation to Tiffany! Now she can represent Russia at international events with her partner Jonathan Guerreiro.

The competition among ice dancers in Russia will be fierce and the chances of this duo to get the spot for main events is very small. But as a Russian pair they will have some finance and support from the Russian Federation, so maybe the trainings process will be easier for them, because they won’t need to think of lots of financial and organizational questions. 

I’m glad we will have a chance to see this duo at international events. They have their style, they different from other Russian pair so, I;m really happy they will have a chance to show themselves.

Without release from the French side they couldn’t participate in any competition outside Russia, that is why maybe not many figure skating people have seen their dances. So, there are their dances from Russian Nationals:

Short dance:

Free dance:

Good luck to this team! Hope they can attent some B event before Russian National to get some more weight in eayes of judges.

Russian National Champions Elena Ilinykh and Ruslan Zhiganshin have started the season at Mordovian Ornament B event in Saransk. 

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