Thomas Bach: “The issue of Russian athlete participation has always been about “protective measures” and not about sanctions”

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The head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, spoke about the suspension of Russian athletes from international competitions.

photo Valerii Sharifulin / TASS

source: TASS

Thomas Bach: There have been discussions and serious consultations that we have been conducting since February, with the participation of international federations, national Olympic committees and athletes. Now we are preparing for the next consultations on Friday at the Olympic summit.

During today’s discussions, the sanctions against the governments of Russia and Belarus did not raise questions from anyone, we have full support. Sanctions have to remain in place.

But we also had a discussion regarding athletes and the impact this situation has on them.

I will not tire of repeating, so that everyone can understand: the issue of the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes in competitions must be separated from the sanctions against their governments.

The question of the participation of athletes cannot be part of the sanctions, because athletes cannot be punished for the decisions of their states.

The issue of athlete participation has always been about “protective measures” and not about sanctions, in order to preserve the integrity of the competition and ensure the safety of the athletes of these countries.


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