Alena Kostornaia: “Recovery goes a little bit more difficult than expected, because I started jumping very early.”

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Alena Kostornaia told how the recovery after hip surgery is going, as well as the reaction of fans to her various interviews.

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Alena Kostornaia: How is my health? Recovery goes a little bit more difficult than expected, because I started jumping very early. Probably, I shouldn’t jump yet, but nevertheless I’m already trying to jump. I’m trying, because I want to feel more confident on the ice, and not to worry for every double jump. If I fall, so let it be triples at least. There are no thoughts to skate without jumps. I will fall, but I will jump. The main thing is that these falls do not harm me.

I don’t set any deadlines. I set the task to make my recovery as competently distributed as possible in terms of timing, because I would not want to delay the moment of recovery, and I also would not want to rush and jump through severe pain or something like that. I still miss the season, so why not heal well.

About interviews

Alena Kostornaia: My interviews are always very popular and sensational. Actually, I don’t think it’s bad.

But still, sometimes it happens that people try to find some subtext when there’s no any subtext, or start trying to read between the lines, looking for the meaning that was clearly not embedded in the words.

But, I think, by doing so they increase the number of views of my interviews. Whoever needs it will find something to cling to, even if everything is perfect. And I’m not a chocolate wrapper, I don’t have to please everyone.


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