“For obvious reasons she can’t say that publicly, but with her skating Kamila can yell ‘You’re all idiots, what have you done to me? I didn’t deserve this!'” Ekaterina Bobrova about Valieva’s free program

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Ekaterina Bobrova spoke about the free program of Kamila Valieva, dedicated to the events of the 2022 Olympics.

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Ekaterina Bobrova: What is the advantage of this program? She skates it consciously, she knows what she is doing, and she experiences everything anew in this program. And it always impresses. Verity and truth – that’s what the viewer likes. Because you can’t fool the audience. The audience is not stupid. They can see: the program, complex elements, beautiful arms, quite aesthetically. But when you skate from here (from the heart) – this, you know, is the difference.

In figure skating, this is very important. And I do not compare performance at the Grand Prix. I want to say about the test skates. Because it was the first splash of this program, she really wanted to show it. There were the purest triples, and this thought about the quadruple did not interfere, she completely squeezed it out of herself there. Well, friends, I think 90% felt it. Someone cried. I couldn’t sit still, because I felt how her pain was transmitted through the TV screen. When you skate like that, it’s a historical program.

The question is will she be able to continue skating this program at the same level? The fact that they did it, honestly, my sincere thanks.

Everyone: “Why is she being shoved back into this Olympics?” She is not a small child. If something was completely difficult for her, she would have told the coaches, they would have talked it over. Later, in an interview, Valieva said that it was her conscious desire. Cool if it’s so.

I don’t know what Kamila is going through and thinking about when she skates, but what a great outburst it is. She can’t go out and said publicly – I don’t know, maybe she doesn’t think so – “You’re all idiots, what have you done to me? I didn’t deserve this!”

What else can be said in this outburst? She can’t say that, for obvious reasons. Even if she does not think so, deep down it would be logical for any person, because she was simply destroyed at the Olympics. And now, skating, she can do it. With this skating, she can yell: “Fools, what have you done to me?”


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