“Given the current situation, I assume that they will not come.” Russian experts about Davis/Smolkin being announced for Russian GP

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Russian coaches and everyone who couldn’t keep silent commented on the news that Diana Davis and Gleb Smolkin announced for the Russian Grand Prix.

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Davis and Smolkin train in the USA. Previously, they missed the test skates of the national team.

Tatiana Tarasova: And what do you think? If they are announced for the Grand Prix, why shouldn’t they come? If it’s written so, then they will come.

I’m already sick of it! Are they the first pair? They have not skated yet, but already the first pair! Why do you worry you so much?

And who thought that they would skate for another country? If only those who write this would have a head and brains. Davis and Smolkin will not be able to skate for anyone this year but us. But if they decide to skip the competition, that’s another question.

source: sport-express.ru

Alexander Zhulin: The critics will shut up if they perform at the Russian Grand Prix. If they don’t come, then critics won’t shut up.

Given the current situation, I assume that they will not come.

source: championat, rsport

Renat Laishev: Information on the fate of Davis and Smolkin is not so interesting. We have seen many interesting directions, and the team is now in excellent condition.

We need to stop focusing on Diana and Gleb. We need to consider the rest – Russia has the capital of its beautiful and talented athletes. I think this direction is much more interesting now.

source: championat.com

Alexei Zheleznyakov: Why should the arrival of Diana and Gleb to Russia be some kind of news? These are our guys – they are in the Russian national team and were supposed to perform at the stages of the Russian Grand Prix series.

It’s great that they will perform in Moscow and Perm. The guys have grown a lot professionally – they create very serious competition for the leading dance pairs in Russia. I should not be surprised that the guys will perform at our own, Russian stages of the Grand Prix.

source: championat.com

Also Alexei Zheleznyakov: Critics will be shut up when Davis and Smolkin perform at the stages of the Russian Grand Prix. Now there are a lot of fakes and false information.

For example American journalist David Lease (who reported on the possible transfer of Davis and Smolkin to the US national team) wakes up in the morning, rubs his eyes and thinks: I need to come up with something scandalous, otherwise the ratings are falling.

There are plenty of them: they start rumors to raise the rating, then they start to hype on it.

You know, it is impossible to keep silent about the news in official sources that someone will skate for another country. Initially, I did not believe that Diana and Gleb could start skating for the US national team – these are all nonsense and fakes.

source: championat


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One response to ““Given the current situation, I assume that they will not come.” Russian experts about Davis/Smolkin being announced for Russian GP”

  1. Jana says:

    Hard surprise. Would you come back to your dear Russia, under the current circumstances? I wouldn’t. Never mind their position among the stars. This beautiful man is meant to skate and shine, not to shoot children or grannies. Which equals to what he’ll be summoned to do, should he enter Russia these days.Gleb, peace to you and Diana!

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