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A lot of girls were well dressed for the free program at ISU JGP in Zagreb, so I want to mention them in my list of the best dresses. But for some I have a suggestions about some details.

Here is the list of dresses that I liked most from this event.

Alina Sydkova (Kazachstan)

Alina Sydkova

Interesting dress, minimalist but memorable. I like the color and the combination of textures. I also like the execution of the top, those buttons looks cute. And yes, I like dresses with the sleeves.

Mihaela Stimac Rojtinic (Coratia)

Mihaela Stimac Rojtinic1

I think this one-shoulder dress is really nice. The ombre effect from white to blue looks good on ice and interesting in motion. I also like that the main decor of this dress is a silhouette and a color. The rhinestones only add some sparkle but don’t draw a lot of attention.

Paige Rydberg (USA)

Paige Rydberg

I like the vinous color. The halter-neck in combination with this semi-translucent sleeves help to make a more thin shilouette. It would have been a great dress, but for my taste is too many rhinestones and apliques. Half from this amount would have been more than enough.

Marin Honda (Japan)

Marin Honda1You need to be careful wearing red dress. Because it’s a really demanding color. To shine in it you need to have some self confidence. It’s also an all-sufficient color, so red dress doesn’t need many decor to look fabulous. Marin’s dress is a good example when the color is the main thing in costume. I like the simple silhouette and tiny flowery applique.

Zona Apostolovic (Serbia)

Zona Apostolovic

I really like the idea of this dress! I can repeat again and again and again take a simple silhouette and cut, moderate amount of sequins and you will get an elegant dress. I like that mesh in tone to the dress have been used for the plunging neckline and not a notorious nude illusion mesh. But I would remove the gloves, they spoiled a bit the overall impression. And I also would change the tights. Open the boots or cover them completely, but please don’t use this betwixt and between for your competition look.

Elizabete Jubkane (Latvia)

Elizabete Jubkane

I loved this sky blue dress! It’s romantic and vintagious. It has some vintage notes but looks modern and fashionable. Great choice for a young lady. The silver belt made of sequins is a perfect accessories for such gown. It highlight the waistline, adds some sparkles but doesn’t look distractive. This time I totally pro gloves because they completely in style and suit to the whole image. Wonderful costume!!

See the fashion results of the ladies short program at ISU JGP in Zagreb here

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