Igor Shpilband: “I’m very glad that finally everything worked out for Vadim Kolesnik. He teamed up with Emilea Zingas who represented Cyprus in single skating.”

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Igor Shpilband about working with the ice dance team Emilea Zingas – Vadim Kolesnik.

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Previously Kolesnik skated with Avonley Nguyen, they became the world junior champions together.

Zingas is a former single skater who represented Cyprus.

Igor Shpilband: Vadim teamed up with Emilea Zingas. I am very glad that finally everything worked out for Vadim – after all, he was without a partner for almost two years. They work very well, the guys are very capable.

They will skate for the United States, Vadim has had a green card for quite some time, so we can already expect citizenship in some foreseeable future. He has a partner with a US passport, although she skated for Cyprus before. This, by the way, is the reason why the guys cannot compete in international competitions yet. In November, the quarantine will expire, and we will come to the competitions in Zagreb. And then to the US Nationals.

Vadim’s former partner, Avonley Nguyen, tried to skate with Grisha Smirnov (who skated with Anastasia Shpilevaya), but he decided rather unexpectedly to retire.

The reason is an injury, because of which, in fact, they could not compete at the last US Nationals. He said that he needed to recover, but after a while, nevertheless, he decided to end his career. Avonley is focused on her studies for now, although I have recently suggested she trying out with a new partner. Of course, I want her to continue – she is a very capable skater.


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