Alena Kostornaia will undergo surgery for a hip injury

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European figure skating champion Alena Kostornaia will undergo surgery due to an injury.

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This was announced by the coach of the athlete Elena Buyanova.

source: rsport

Elena Buyanova: She will undergo surgery for a hip injury. They wanted to do it earlier, but waited a very long time because there were no consumables. We look forward to a speedy recovery for our beautiful athlete.

We don’t abandon people in such situations – there were no problems at all in the work and, of course, she is already our athlete. The entire coaching team is waiting for her on the ice. We will continue to work on an ongoing basis.

She keeps positive, purposeful in her desires. Hope she keeps that attitude.

Also a comment from Alena herself

Alena Kostornaia: In CSKA, I trained regularly, but I didn’t skate – I haven’t been on the ice almost since the arrival from the training camp in Novogorsk. There was an old hip injury, which for a long time did not make itself felt, but at one moment it did, and so hard that I went for an examination. In general, tomorrow I go to the hospital to have surgery, so I won’t have time to recover by the test skates – I won’t go on the ice until the second half of September. We have already choreographed new programs – they are very beautiful, interesting, they are all familiar stories, but I have not heard someone using such music yet. Hope everything goes well.



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One response to “Alena Kostornaia will undergo surgery for a hip injury”

  1. ioanykie says:

    Sorry to hear that ! At least it’s good that the injury is getting treatment.

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